Tojo and Tama

Tojo and Tama

I have fixed Tama and Tojo's colors and adjusted them to a bit more orang-ish so that they look more that Vitani's parents. I think if they were in the movies, their movie version would be a bit more orang-ish anyway.
Well, where does Vitani get her dark eye pads from? Remember our Kanij? Kanij is Vitani's great grandfather and he also has darker eye pads. Vitani gets them from him. She gets her fluffy cheeks from him, too. Vitani may also get them from her grandfather- Tojo's father and Kanij's son. But I still haven't finalized his design, name etc.
And Vitani also has a little bit darker body color when she grows up. That one she gets from Tojo, Tojo also has darker fur when he gets older in my version ;) And Vitani doesn't get much from Tama, except that tuft, of course :D
And I also thought a bit about why Vitani ends up with Zira. No, she doesn't steal Vitani. That wouldn't make sense. Zira would be looking for a heir to revenge Simba, not a girl.
During Scar's reign, Tama and Kula became pregnant from Tojo and Chumvi, who were exiled when they were cubs. Tama and Kula used to meet them at borders. However, they kept it a secret untill the cubs were born. Scar couldn't produce a strong heir, Nuka was too weak. So, when he saw Kula gave birth to a boy looking similar to him, he chose him to be his next heir. He didn't know he was Chumvi's son, though. Scar then named the baby after himself, Kovu. Kula wasn't very happy about it. But she didn't dare to protest. Tama didn't want her cub, though. So, she abandoned her and escaped to find Tojo. Little Nuka thought she could be a playmate and took her to Zira. But Zira didn't like her. Still, Nuka played with her. She was a strong cub, so he named her Vitani. And because Zira didn't like her, another lioness took care of her and fed her milk. But very soon, Simba returned. He defeated Scar, exiled Zira and blah blah blah.
In the outlands, little Nuka would play with Vitani. So, when she grew up a bit, Nuka taught her to call him 'brother' and call Zira 'mother'. Vitani did. But Zira didn't view her as daughter, though.

Tojo and Tama (C) Disney
Art (C) Me

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