The Rightful King, page 27

The Rightful King, page 27

(Zuberi will likely not make any appearance again so I will not be making him any page. Mods, please don't deactivate for that)

If you are having problems reading the text follow this link: (Warning: The DA version contains slight blood in the last panel)

I know the art in this page is like, reaaaallllly sloppy but look at the number of characters in this page. So...introducing some new characters- Jelani, Jabari, Kanu and Saka!! My version of the first ever Lion Guard members!! Jelani (the yellow lion in the second panel) is Kulisha's dad as you can see! And the lioness, Tambua (her name isn't mentioned on this page), who's suggling up Jelani is Kulisha's mother! Yay! I introduced them now because they will have an important role in the comic's plot line, much muuuch later. I also took this chance to let you know my version of Pride Lands history, don't worry, it'll only be half a page long. lol. Also, none of the lions here is Ishi's dad or something.

I didn't bother to adjust them according to the First Lion Guard's tree painting in TLG. Because here, they all are related to at least one semi-canon characters. Try guessing who is related to who ;)

I originally designed my own version of Askari as well, but after they revealed his canon design I was SO happy to find that his real design is SO similar to my own one His canon design also blends with his siblings so well! Like he looks similar to Zuberi, while being a bit greyish like his sister Kali. He also has green eyes like her!

I included in the story of the evil lions who tried to destroy the Pride Lands.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, stay tuned because a certain someone is gonna appear veeeeryyyy sooon ;)

Jabari, Jelani, Kanu, Saka, Asim, Ishi, Kanij, Kali, Zuberi, Uru's design (c) Me

Tambua, Kulisha (c) SnowLeopard

Uru (name only) (c) SNA

Askari (c) Disney

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Glad you like it!

December 03, 2019
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Yay, it's finally done! :icon307: Can't wait for more!

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