Kion n' Rani

Kion n' Rani

Note: The watermark is of my DA username, so there's no need to assume that I stole it or something XD

(In case this looks suggestive, no they're not mating XD)

Yeah, I know, the title is REALLY creative. But for some reason, I'm SO HAPPY Kion ended up with Rani instead of Tiifu or Zuri. Or Fuli. Or Jasiri. I despised those ships and I dunno why. But I just did XD And omg, Rani's design is SO gorgeous!! I also really like Azaad. He has kind of an interesting design, and an interesting personality. And I like his accent as well lol. I'll definitely draw them when I get the time.

I didn't bother to draw their marks. Maybe I'll add them later?

Kion, Rani (c) Disney


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September 10, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody
No problemo

September 10, 2019
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Thanks to both of you!!

September 07, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody
Beautiful Malta^^

September 06, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
I really like this image, lovely job Malta!! :TLKlove:

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