Meet Your Son

Meet Your Son

"Is it a boy this time, Shaka?"

"Yes, my King... A healthy son."

"Finally... Let me see him."

"Of course, my King... I've named him after you. His name is Kovu."
Shaka and Scar have tried conceiving cubs before; they had a daughter before Kovu. Of course, the daughter wouldn't cut it, so Scar went to Zira and wound up with Nuka and Baya. Nuka was born sickly and frail, and Scar figured the cub wouldn't live past his first few days. He chalked up his attempt with Zira to be a failure. He and Shaka attempted to produce a heir to his throne once more, but the attempt failed. Shaka absolutely refused to let failure be an option.

Shaka wound up pregnant and eventually gave birth to a healthy male cub. Scar seemed pleased that finally, finally he had a healthy son and worthy successor to his throne. He was most pleased with Shaka for providing him with a cub that he could finally train to be his heir and take over after he was gone.

Except... Kovu was not Scar's son.

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