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Date : July 04, 2012

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PLEASEEE !! tell me how does the film with Mheetu THE NAME of the film with mheetu I searched it about 3 day's and i coudnt find anything but please tell me prety please tell me how does the film called i watched only Lion King 1 Lion King 2 Simba's pride and lion king 3 hakuna matata !

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July 05, 2012
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There is good reason you can't find movie with Mheetu. Mheetu was originally planed to be character in TLK1, he was suppose to be Nalas little brother and Simba was suppose to save him from that gorge. But latter in development, story changed and Mheetu was removed from the movie, because he was too redundant. So he does not appear on any movie or book or any other material. Also his name resembles phrase "Mee Too", which is only known line for he would say, if they kept him in TLK. Back then I believe TLK movie even did not have The Lion King title, but was called King of the Jungle. Since authors latter learned how lions do not live in jungle, they changed it.

You can read all what is known about him here:

July 05, 2012
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Path of the Demon
PLEASE use grammar...

July 04, 2012
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Mheetu is not in a movie. He was cut from the first movie due to time. I'm pretty sure there is no film with Mheetu in it. Some people believed his appeared in the books but there's no proof.

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