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The Thamani Pride.


   Started by Queen Ramla and Healer Asiya, the two Lionesses base their Pride not to far from Pride Rock. Together the two lionesses accept all who come to them and reject few. The Thamani Pride is a place for young and old of any species to come and seek shelter. The two lionesses hope to start a close knitted community together and are looking for others to call this Pride their home.


     The biggest rule to be accepted into the Pride is that the creature wishing to join can not have an grudge on those from Pride Rock because the two Prides have a strong alliance and anyone who can compromise the alliance is not welcomed. 
        - Feel free to be as creative as you want; any animal from Lions to Baboons will be accepted.
        - No sparkle characters, please.
        - If you use a base, please, give credit where it is due. 
        - Every person who joins gets a limit of three characters each; besides the creator of the Queen and King.
        - Creator of the Queen and King will be the only ones allowed to make a Prince or Princess; some exception might       be allowed.



Queen: Ramla. (Me.)
King: ---- (Contest is being held for him.)
Heir to the Queen: Not Open. 
Princesses: Not Open.
Princes: Not Open.

Lead Guard: ----- (Open to 2nd place in the Contest.)
Guards (Male, some females might be allowed.): Open. (Limited to 5)

Lead Scout (Male or Female): Open. (Only 1)
Scouts (Both Genders.): Open. (Limited to 5)

Lead Huntress (Female): Open. (Only 1)
Huntresses (Females): Open. (Limited to 6)

Elders (Boath Genders): Najia (Me) Open.
Healers (Both Genders): Asiya (Me) (Liminited to 4)
Cub Sitters (Female): Open. (limited to 4)
Cubs: Open.


Information About the Ranks.

Queen & King: They are the law of the land, so to speak, what the say goes. They are the highest ranking memebers of the Pride, they are best for keeping the peace within the Pride and are often the ones who start the alliances with the other Prides.
Heir to the Queen: Normally the oldest daughter, she goes through training with her mother and some of the Elders to be the new Queen. During her training she is not allowed to enteract with other lions, typically males, so she may remain focused on the job at hand.
Princesses & Princes: Daughters and Sons of the Queen and King. The Princes, normally, after they have grown up leave the Pride to start their own while the Princesses grown up and stay within the Pride, typically becoming Huntresses.

Lead Guard: The lead guard is 2nd in command under the King and Queen. He is typically in chare with making sure no fights break out in the Pride and are in charge of making sure that in case of a war breaking out between Prides that his guards are cable of protecting the Pride. He is also saught after by the King and Queen for advice about certain issues.
Guards: Typcially males, they are trained in battle to protect the Pride but most of the time they just wander the borders of the Pride's territory to make sure that no one is trying to sneak onto their land. They are typically more muscular in their build. They typically breed with the Huntresses.

Lead Scout: He or She is in charge of scouting for food and water sources for the Pride in case of emergencies. He/She is in charge of chasing after cubs if they manage to get away from the Cub sitters. They are the more peaceful creature out of the entire Pride and will be more secretive about any jobs that their assigned.
Scouts: Same as the Lead Scout, yet they are not saught after by the King and Queen when emergencies happen, they typically scout for dangers in areas the guards can not reach. They are more agile than the guards.

Lead Huntress: She makes sure that no matter what the Pride will always have food. She never lets the Pride go hungry and is in charge of all of the hunting missions. She is typically very intelligent and smart and has developed many ways to catch food. She is a top notch hunter.
Huntresses: They follow the Lead's orders and do whatever she says to make sure that the Pride is in a healthy state. These females also typically breed with the Guards.

Elders: They are the wisest out of the Pride and are saught to for advice. They are typically older lions or creatures who have been kicked out of the Pride or have no where else to go. They often will be saught after by the Queen in help training the Heir to her throne. 

Healers: Normally a Baboon or monkey species, although some lions are cable for the job, they make sure every one in the pride is healthy and in shape. They will heal any ingury no matter how small or how big it is. They are in charge of the cermony when the King's and Queen's child is born.
Cub Sitters: They are female lionesses who are not cable of hunting. They pride themself with being able to take care of the future generation and will do anything to keep the cubs safe.
Cubs: Normally born from the Huntresses, but some are taken in if they have been abandoned by the parents and/or inguried.


     Well that's about all there is so I hope you all have fun making your characters for the Pride and helping it grow. I won't be making any prizes for the people who join but when the Pride gets bigger I will make a imageof all the lions who have joined. And when mates get astablished, I will also make a list of the Mates just so everyone knows.

Deadline for this project : September 28, 2015

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July 22, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
I will make a princess or heir to the queen, and I might make a guard ;)

June 16, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yearoo: Of course, I can't wait to see them. ^^

June 13, 2015
Site Booster Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
May I make the lead scout and a scout? And maybe some more members, I don't know yet

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