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Needing Members For the Nyeusi Pride

Jua the sister of Queen Nala of the Pride Lands is Queen of her own Pride, the Nyeusi Pride, now consisting of nine lions at the moment. Help Queen Jua form her pride!

Note: This pride is started after the 'End of TLK I' and the 'Start of TLK II' or 'Baby Kopa's Presentation'.

Meaning: The 'Black' Pride

There are rules that contain in the pride, they are dealt with a warning, then a minor punishment, then the lion/lioness is kicked out of the Pride for 4 years, then they are welcome back in. Here are the rules you must follow:

Pride Rules (RP):

  1. Queen Jua has banned murder in the pride
  2. A restriction is that you must do your job before anything else
  3. Always obey Queen Jua
  4. Have fun in the pride

Main Rules (RL):

  1. No Fighting
  2.  Be Creative
  3. Do not steal
  4. Make a good bio
  5. Have fun
  6. If you use a base, please credit the creator of the base. ;)
  7. To see if you've read the rules, post in your bio 'Austin Mahone'

Bio Base (If Needed):




How Did Your Lion Find The Pride?



What rank would you like?

How did your lion meet Jua?

Short Bio:

Add Extras if you want.

Landscapes, Food and Enimies

Just outside of the Pride Lands. Lush and green, lots of zebra and wildebeest about for food. A large cave for the King and Queen, three caves at medium height and around fourteen smaller caves plus a cave with a rather small entrance for the food supply. Lots of grass with five trees to relax under and lots of large rocks to lie about on. The only threat to the Nyeusi Pride are hyenas and cheetahs. The only exception for those two species in the pride is if they are injured and in need of a place to stay. The odd rouge passes by, but not much rouges are accepted in the pride due to the safety of the younger pride members.

Sister Prides

Main Sister Prides:

Pridelands- (As you know from the movie) Reason for being 'Sister Prides': The Nyeusi Pride's Queen is half sister to the Pridelands Queen.

Mbinguni Pride- Reason for being 'Sister Prides': The Queen of this pride is best friends with Queen Kula of this pride.

Other Sister Prides:

Afrika Kiburi- Ruled by Tojo and Tama

Wafu- Ruled by Mheetu

Non-Sister Prides:

Jiberia- Rather large destructive pride who destroys every one, and everything.

Outlanders-(As you know from the movie) Ruled by Zira

(When Formed) The Pride Of The Sacred Tears- Ruled by Queen Mosi "This pride brings destruction to others around it, darkness lurks in every corner." 


The main 'Sister Pride' is the Pridelands, ruled by King Simba and Queen Nala. It wasn't always that way. When King Scar ruled over the Pridelands they were not Sister Prides. Queen Nala is the Nyeusi Pride's Queen Jua's half sister. That is the possible reason for the sisterly bond between the prides. Another Sister Pride is the Mbinguni Pride- ruled by King Malka. This is where Jua's old best friend Kula lives, and is the queen. The Jiberia Pride is a no go area, it is a murerous pride. When the Pride Of The Sacred Tears is formed it is also a murderous pride going by the reputation of: "This pride brings destruction to others around it, darkness lurks in every corner."  As you probably know why the 'Outlanders' are a non-sister pride if you've watched TLK2:SP. But after the 'Outlanders' moved to the Pridelands they were not a worry.


King: Mflame (c) Elsa the Snow Queen

Queen: Jua

Future King/Queen: Hakuna (c) Laura.

Prince/Princess: None

Deputy: Adanna (c) Wildwind


General Ranks:

Other Cub/s: Rydah, Open

Elders: Open


Only four hunters per hunting group

Hunting Party Leader: Jua

Hunters: Chardae, Dafina, Alika

Hunting Party (#2) Leader: Adanna (c) Wildwind

Hunters: Bina, Shani, Open (1 More)

Hunting Party (#3) Leader: Open

Hunters: Open



Pride 'Protectors'/ Border Patrol: Enzi, Jaali, Open

Cubsitters: Raziya, Open

Messanger: Mindi (c) RoseBudz100

Majordomo: Imara (c) Blissful Meadow

Shaman: Open



That's It For Now!!

Deadline for this project : November 26, 2014

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Hey um sorry I can't exactly send my thing cause it's not working. I can pm her to you and write a bit of her bio there

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Whoops, forgot about this :/ I'll make her ASAP Prob is im on my iPad at da moment so... Can't make stuff. But when I get on the laptop I'm gonna work in this thx!^^

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Thanks! Mates for her are open!

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Princess Anna- Sure!! :3
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Base (c) Mayor

March 20, 2014
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May I please make a lioness messenger?

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could change my name on the ranks to Laura.? I changed my name sorry XD

March 16, 2014
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@Elsa: Coolio! I will add him to the Ranks.
@MiniCat: Go ahead! :3 It's nice to have more participants. ;)


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