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Kifo's Pride

Come and create Kifo's Pride!

Project of creation of Kifo's Pride.

King: Kifo.

Queen: Clammy.

Princess: Althea.

Prince: Kimba and Khan.

Future King: Khan.

Mate of the Future King: (OPEN)

Mate of the Prince: (OPEN)

Mate of the Princess: (OPEN, but it takes me a beautiful lion peeling very dark with beautiful marks on his coat.)

Right arm of the King: Kimba.

Head of the Huntress: Althea.

Huntress: (OPEN)

Cubs sitters: (OPEN)

Cubs: (OPEN)

Adolescents: (OPEN)

Soldiers: a child of Kovu and Kiara. (OPEN)

Leader of soldiers: (OPEN, the head of the soldiers is a male and he is in love with the Princess, Althea.)

Protector of the Cubs: Althea. (OPEN)

Guardians of the pride: (OPEN)


-no flashy colors

-they may not have any accessories.

 -no flights. 


Deadline for this project : December 31, 2016

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May 31, 2015
France Female Is not currently on the site
La Démone Folle
I agree for it to be the mate of the future king.

May 21, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
Name: Ndidi (patience)

Age: Near the age of Kovu and Kira's cubs

Rank: Mate of Future King? or Cub Sitter

Likes: Her pride, cubs, her friends

Dislikes: Warthogs, water

Personality: Ndidi is a very loyal, trustworthy lioness that can a bit bossy

History: Ndidi was born as a rogue that was left behind by her parents as a cub. She wondered for days until she met Kimba and Khan and secretly followed them back to Kifo's pride, soon enough she was allowed to join, but she started falling in love...

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