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A Tale of Two Brothers: Rewritten

I have a brand new idea to rewrite the semi-cannon history of Mufasa and Scar, and I want you to help me make some of the characters and contribute some fun side stories for the fanfic!

Information: Hello everyone!

So, we all know the tragic tale of Mufasa and Scar: One brother chosen for glory while the other was dismissed by his father, and feeling all alone the younger of the two goes onto make an alliance with the hyenas and in the end, harms everyone. It's a cool story, but I've recently been thinking about a much different version. 

A version in which Ahadi doesn't ignore his youngest son. A version in which Scar gets the chance to prove himself capable, after many trials and tribulations, and in the end succeeds. Suffice it to say, I want to write this story, because I have yet to come across one like it that I feel truly gives the characters justice. 

Where do you guys come in? I have a very basic plotline in my head, and many of the characters are already provided to me through Disney, however, not all of them are. 

The main character of the story will be Scar, and the "ensemble" cast includes: The Hyenas, Ahadi, Mohatu, Uru, Sarabi, All of Sarabi's sisters, Mega, and Sarafina. A good amount of characters, but to make this story work, there needs to be a few more. 

The BASIC Plotline (I don't want to give too much away just yet) is this: The baboons have prophecised the coming of the dark king for months, and Ahadi finds himself stuck in a hard place as his second son is born with a dark pelt that he feels is the end to the pride lands. Originally planning to abandon the cub, Ahadi takes pity on his son after several incidents show him to be not quite as evil as the baboons said. The king gets an idea: What if he were to teach his son the right way of doing things? After all, prophecies aren't written into stone. Many trials and tribulations follow, and not everyone is on board with the new crown prince. Will Scar prove them all wrong? Or will the prophecy of his dark reign come to fruition instead?

What Do I Want?

I want interesting/unique characters with fresh personalities and side stories that can help to contribute to the plot line of the fanfic! While the main focus will be on Scar, I am hoping to include the stories of the other characters either as part of the main fanfic or as part of a companion fic that will tell each character's tale that wasn't touched on explicitly in this particular work of fiction. 

How Can You Get In On This?

It's very simple: Just design one or two characters and submit them to this here project! Of course, when I say "design" I do mean that you should be putting in effort into these characters. Not just their coloration/markings, but their personalities as well!! I won't be requiring too much of a history for them unless you deem it necessary, but I do expect at least a paragraph on their personalities, any odd quirks, etc...I will provide an example of this later.

What Are The Rules?

  • Only 2 character submissions per user!
  • Please put in your best effort!
  • Underwritten/poorly made characters will not be accepted. I don't say this to be mean, but it will be very difficult for me to write in a character that I know next to nothing about. 
  • Please be kind and courteous to others- do not copy another person's idea. 
  • Profile for the character must include: name, personality (at least 5 sentences describing it, preferably more), quirks/hobbies, a small history (can be just a few sentences, since the character's history will develop in the fanfic), and any side stories that you would like for them to go through in the fanfic (bonus points if I really like the side story and it ends up developing into a major plot point!).
  • Please note that I don't have a set number of characters in mind that I want for this- I will pick however many I feel are good contributers to the story- especially if their individual storyline adds to the fanfic.
  • If your character(s) are selected to be a part of this, please actually use them! Make some fanart or fan images, write a spin off tale concerning them, etc.. don't just leave them there to rot. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Your character will show up in my fanfic!
  • Your character may end up getting drawn into one or more scenes from the fanfic as I see fit.

Example Submission

Name: Elewisa

Nickname: El

Personality: Calculating, sneaky, and carefree. Elewisa is the first to abandon ship when he perceives something to be wrong. He’s very intelligent but is rather impatient and not known to sit still for prolonged periods of time. He enjoys being on his feet and playing tricks on others. El likes story-telling and exploring. Once his mind is made up on something, there is no going back from it. He has a very scewed moral code and will harm anyone without remorse whom he perceives to have betrayed him or those he cares for. While not aggressive, El can be malicious. He enjoys getting under the skin of others and is especially good at pushing the buttons of others until they explode. He thinks very highly of himself and tends to look down on others because he perceives them to be less intelligent/capable. He can be manipulative, and often does not do something out of the goodness of his heart but purely to "Score points" for himself later with others. 

Hobbies/Quirks: He is a very light sleeper, and hates the sound of birds, especially in the morning. This is something he comments on a lot. He enjoys playing tricks on others and embarrassing others just for the fun of it. He is very much a momma's boy. He likes having flowers in his hair, though he'll never admit to it.

Side Stories: He adores his third half-cousin Areesa, and does not get along at all with his father. He eventually runs away from home by the end of the first 1/3 of the story and doesn't return until much later. He is very wild in the sense that he doesn't want to "settle" or feel trapped, and as such won't have a mate (at least not a permanent one) and will not necessarily have a permanent residence either. He will likely wander back and forth from several places alongside his cousin. He likes to stir up trouble and will constantly be pitting his brothers against each other purely to cause chaos for his father.

The above is just an example- your submission can be even longer! Remember, the more detailed the character, the easier it will be for me to write about them/through them. 

Anything Else?

While I don't have a specific number of characters in mind, there are a few "spots" that are open that absolutely need to be filled! I have not yet decided if I will be contributing any oc characters to this story (I might make one, but I'm not sure what their role will be just yet.)

  • A Friend to Scar (when I say a friend, I mean it in a very loose sense- this character might originally be a friend to Scar in the beginning of the story but probably won't have a major role to play towards the end. I'll leave the rest up to you to decide!)
  • A Queen for Scar (I am very torn between having this be Sarabi or having this be an OC- if I feel like none of the submitted characters for this position just aren't right for what I want, then I may either make the character myself or spin it so Sarabi ends up as Queen.)
  • The Grandcub of Scar (This character will appear in the last chapter(s) of the story. I imagined a very regal yet playful grandcub who makes Scar proud. The rest is up to you.)

A side story to explain the hyena's exile would be awesome, or a side story to explain Zira/the lionesses that followed her  would also be interesting. 

And of course there will be lots of room for some background characters. Examples of such background characters: Sarafina's mother, A sibling to Uru, a head huntress or lead guard of the pride, etc...

Note: If you have a cool idea to expand the fanfic or add a subplot to the story, please include it in your submission! If I feel like it will work, I will happily try to write it into the plot line. 

Also Note: If anything is unclear or you have a question, either PM me or post a comment here and I will try my best to answer asap. 

Final Note: both Sarafina and Sarabi will have come from separate prides (so not of the pride lands), and Sarafina is actually a Princess in this story while Sarabi's family is nowhere near as powerful. 

Most importantly guys, 

Have fun!!


Deadline for this project : May 25, 2021

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February 25, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site

Yuhel standed with a lot of effort but it hurted more the embarrassment and the humiliation from his own father and after he saw the expressions on the lionesses he knew he loose his place on the pride forever...
He ran from that moment without even think about it...
After some time wandering as rogue he decided try some luck on the Pridelands.
The wound that his father caused was healed by now but part of his mane never grew up again, so, for him it became a constant reminder of his own humiliation.
He presented to the Pridelands in front of the king himself who recognize him but after see his wounds be though it was a young lion who deserve a compassionate treatment, specially because his father himself didn't gave it to him.
That's when Yuhel got to know better to the princes Scar and Mufasa.
Yuhel though that it would be better to him secure a good position into the pride. But he wasn't sure which of them would become the king so, he was careful to show loyalty to both the best he could. He prefered treat them separately, making sure each of them felt that Yuhel was on his side and not of his brother.
At the same time he tried to put them against each other. He thought: "If these two may become friends it would be no place for me on the pride when one of them become king...but if they don't tolerate to each other maybe the one who become king kick out his brother of the pride and I may take the place of advisor or matter who of them become king, I must be of the 'winning side'".
So Yuhel put his plan on action.

For example he reached Taka and said:
"There you are my prince...on the best spot for rest that's why I always said you had an enormous intellect my definitely should be the king, the whole pride would benefit of that....I'm just waiting your brother understand that and leave that place to the best of both"

Then reached Mufasa separately and said:
"There you are my prince...on the biggest spot for rest that's why I always said you had the presence of a king, my definitely should be the king, the whole pride would benefit of your power and justice...I'm just waiting your brother understand that and leave that place to the best of both"

He was always careful to not said the exactly same words to each and also saying in a very confident tone, that way both of brothers thought that had Yuhel's loyalty, and he was looking what it was best for the kingdom but actually he was only looking what it was best for him and he was ready to change to the winning side, whatever this is...

February 25, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site
One day his father got enough...
Yuhel was ordering the lionesses of the pride that went to a hunt again, because they brought a cebra and he wanted a gazelle for dinner. Was very mad yelling at them when his father appeared.
"What is going on here?" -Barock said with his very deep voice
"Your majesty, we just..." The lionesses bowed yo the king and started to talk but Yuhel interrupted
"Quiet!... Neither of you had anything to say!..Father you can't contradict my authority in front the servers"Yuhel said
"Your Authority?.." Barock said with an angry tone
"Yes! I'm the future king so the servers must learn to obey!" He yelled at the lionesses
"Enough of you boy!...You have no authority here! have barely some mane in your shoulders and you think is enough to take a place that doesn't belong to you?!" He growled
"I'll be the king soon...I'm not a kid anymore, you shouldn't treat me like one!
"You didn't want me to threat you like a kid??..Fine..I'll show you what happen when an adult tries to take my place!!!!?" Barock used his big claws against the young Yuhel. Of course his force was very superior to his son so he took him down easily. Yuhel's head started to bleed while he remained on the ground under his father paw...
"You made a mistake kid....You felt secure into a place that you could loose in any second...listen to me!" He approached to Yuhel's ears- "You're no longer welcome here, your brother will take your place as my heir... you're no longer the perfect prince" Barock left.
The lionesses saw all this scene and started to whisper: "poor kid... would he be ok?...he deserve it...I don't think he ever caused more trouble... should we help him?..."

February 25, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Name: Yuhel

Gender: Male

Generation: Scar and Mufasa's

Father: Barock

Mother: Ogami

Siblings: Just one, male, from the same litter

Personality: Yuhel is ambitious, codicious and greedy. He likes good things and is smart enough to get them almost every time. He used to have no patience but after what happened when he was a teen, he learned it was best to wait for something instead of loosing it. He likes to feel he had a place where to belong but isn't sure which is it now.

Likes: Winning, receive attention and being praise. Feel inteligent, have authority.

Dislikes: Obey, being quiet, large prides

Hates: His father, the memory of the humiliation that gave him on his own pride.

History: Yuhel was born as prince of the Creek lands. From a very young age he was the favorite to become king one day, even he had a brother of the same litter.
He was respected and he was very proud of his own place on the pride. And thought his father was rough with him, he used to tolerate Yuhel's behaviour.
The neighbor pride was the Pridelands. The king Barock know king Ahadi but they're not exactly friends, they respected each other and we're alert to detect any thread for both prides like male rogues. Their Cubs, had the same age so they make sure they also know each other, as futures kings they have to know who ruled the next pride. So Yuhel knew Scar and Mufasa since cubhood.
When Yuhel became a teen, his attitude got worse. He used to act like a spoiled child. Wanted that everything on his family and on the pride make exactly the way and the time he wanted.

February 12, 2021
Is not currently on the site
Founder of Elewisa’s Fangirl Club
Please do! The more the merrier :) I look forward to your submission.

February 12, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Very interesting project Luscience, I'll love to give it a try :MufasaBigSmile:

February 12, 2021
Is not currently on the site
This looks exciting! I'm going to have a hard time figuring out which roles to go for :KiaraLaugh:

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