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Friend(s): QueenFan/Roni, NightRose and Bat. (tell me in the comments if you wanna be my friend)

Family: TinyToothless.

Fursona: Natsu. 🦁

Hi everybody! How's it going! I love TLK, and that's why I'm here, making friends! 🦄

Also I'm gonna be a YouTuber in one year,   and my name will be LittleLightFury on   YouTube ok!

My Roblox account is called LightFury745.

My favourite song is "Untouched"

Let me know if anyone has a profile picture / avatar   for me ^^ (assuming that's not braking any rules ok)

And I'm terrified of werewolves and spiders.   (🐺 /   🕷)

I am making images and characters on How To Train Your Dragon animation source,   Lion King animation source.

I have a dog named Loki (after the god of mischief) and he's nice, and also a chicken sometimes.

  ( 🐶 / 🐔 ).  


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Member since : 12 June 2020
My group : SeaWing Squad 🌊
Country : australia Australia
Age : 12 years (23 May 2008)
Gender : female Female
Characters : Natsu

Tooby (my sister made him)



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Yesterday, 02: 11
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SeaWing Squad 🌊
I have been trying to make lots of friends, wanna be my friend to?:KiaraLaugh:

August 12, 2020
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Hi. :)

August 10, 2020
Australia Is not currently on the site
SeaWing Squad 🌊
I've just changed my user name everybody! You guys like it?:KiaraHearts:

August 01, 2020
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you welcome:KiaraHearts:

August 01, 2020
Australia Is not currently on the site
SeaWing Squad 🌊
Thank you Roni!:KiaraHearts:


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