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I'm Hige Is Epic, formally known as sandstorm. I've been a user on AS since 2009 and its been a great help when I needed to escape from problems at school and home. I've made many life changing friends and I love all my buddehs!~

Especially wanna say thanks for being my friend to:
Killer Bee, Shinku_No_Kenshi, Indehmono, and Gruvu.

I'm a HUGE anime fan, my absolute faves I have watched are, Wolfs Rain-my ultimiate fave and love-, One Piece, Hitman Reborn, Free! , Fullemetal Alchemist, Attack On Titan. My two fave anime characters re Hige from WR and Sanji from OP *Fangirling*

I draw alot, as I want to be a artist and it helps me when I am feeling emotional. I mainly draw anime characters, my ocs and some other book characters. You can find my

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July 22, 2014
Italy Female Is not currently on the site
TBBS Site Builder
Good x3 and alright! I'm going to see her now then :D

July 13, 2014
Italy Female Is not currently on the site
TBBS Site Builder
About Elan, don't worry, I'm going to re-submit again all my characters so Elan will be included ;) I've deleted all my characters in each source, 'cuz I wanted to make all their Reference sheet drawn by me. You know, Renders are overrated by now xD So yep, I still owe Elan and plus, he will be up soon. Hope I've been clear enough :)

July 08, 2014
Global Moderator Is not currently on the site
Yep, I gave Elan to Kirbieness but since she's not that active anymore, she deleted all her characters :c I dunno what to do with him now...

January 13, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Hello Hige :3 It's Shadow here! I made anew account beacuse I was fed up of my olf drawings and images :) Just saying hi!

June 01, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Heyyoooo! Hige, I was wondering if you had any room in your fanfic. I would love to be involved, but if you don't have room, I understand. ^^


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