How often would you like Lion King trivia banner to change?

Once a month
I don't like rolling banners at all
Once a week
Once two weeks

Would you like a color change for LKS?


Would you see TLK 2 in 3D if Disney made it?

Depends if I can get to a theater

Did you go to see The Lion King in 3D when it came to your area?

Yes, more than once!
Yes, only once.
No, I didn't want to.
No, I didn't get to.
It never came to my area.

Are you looking forward to the new year of 2012?

I don't care

Are you looking forward to a Timon & Pumbaa section?

I don't care
Timon & Pumbaa section? What?
No opinion

Are you looking forward to a Timon & Pumbaa section?


What Fan Section Do You Visit The Most?


Do you listen to TLK's "score" music?

I don't know what score music is (instrumental)
No opinion

Have you participated in the projects / contests sections of the site?

What are projects and contests? (Explore and find out!)
No opinion
Just contests
Just projects
I've participated in both sections!
I haven't joined / made any projects / contests

What is your image gallery mostly made up of?

I don't have an image gallery
No opinion
Colored Linearts/Blank Renders
A mixture of everything

What is your favorite animal from TLK?

No opinion

Has The Lion King Been A Family Tradition For You?

No, it's just a movie for my family
No opinion
Yes, the movie has been passed down for generations
Sort of, it's a movie the entire family watches a lot

Who do you think the cub is at the end of TLK1?

Disney's genderless "Fluffy"
No opinion

Have You Seen the TV Show Timon and Pumbaa?

Yes, and I like it
Yes, and I don't like it
No opinion

What is your Opinion on the New Sources?

There's too many sites, we don't need more.
Making more sites was a bad idea!
No opinion
I love them, we need more!
I like them, but we have enough now.

Have you submitted a character to TLKS?

Yes, I have more than one character
Yes, I only have one character
No opinion

Have you contributed to our fanart section?

Yes, and I still submit art!
Yes, but I haven't sent anything in a while.
No opinion

Do you visit the forums often?

We have forums?
No opinion
Only sometimes

Have you nominated anyone for the AS 2011 Awards yet?

No, I don't want to
No, I don't know how
No opinion

If you had the option to live in the Pride Lands, would you take the offer?

I'm not sure
No opinion

Have you seen The Lion King on broadway?

No, and I never will
No opinion
No, but I hope to some day

If you could be a lion in TLK2, would you be a Pridelander or an Outlander?

Neither, I would be a rouge lion
No opinion

How often do you visit The Lion King Source?

No opinion
Every day!
Every few days
Not that often

Will you join the AS scavenger hunt?


Kimba or Simba?

Don't care!

Have you gone on a Safari and seen a lion?

No, I never went on a Safari
No, it was Spirit Source.
No, it was All Dogs Go To Heaven Source.
No, it was Tail Spin Source.
No, it was The Princess and The Frog Source.
No, I went on a safari, but did not get to see one :(

Which is your favorite TLK 2 song?

My lullaby
Love will find a way
No opinion
He lives in you
We are one

Did you buy the Lion King dvd *AFTER* visiting for the first time Lion King Source?

No, I had it before
No, I have the VHS
No, I only have an illegal copy
No, and I don't have the film at all
No opinion

Have you replaced your Lion King VHS (video cassette) with a DVD?

Yes, I have!
No, I never had the VHS, but I have the DVD
No, I still have the VHS but not the DVD
No, I don't have neither
No opinion

Do you think that being able to rate a fanart gallery or a fanfic would be a good idea?

No opinion

Do you often go on Balto Source?

Yes, sometimes
Err...Balto what?
No opinion
Yes, even more than Lion King Source!
Yes, regularly

Which is your favorite feature of the site?

The shout boxes
The games / gamebooks
The roleplaying sections
The music videos
The Lion King sections
Keeping in touch with your friends on the site
The projects / contests
The articles
The forums
The fan arts
The musics
The fan images
The fan news
The fanfics

Were you a Lion King fan before coming to this site?

No, and I didn't know The Lion King
No opinion
Yes, totally!
No, but I knew the film

Since when do you visit the site?

1 year
2 years
3 years
I don't remember...
< 1 month
< 6 months

Did you play in the Lion king world in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Yes I did!
What is Kingdom Hearts?
I don't have a Playstation 2
I don't play video games
I don't own the game

What's your opinion on the new design?

Very nice
The previous one was better
Yuck, it's horrible
No opinion

How many fanart favorites do you have?

1 - 3
4 - 6
6 - 9
10 - 30
More than 30
0 (no favorites)

Do you own the three Lion King films?

Yes, I do!
No, I'm missing Lion King 1
No, I'm missing Lion King 2
No, I'm missing Lion King 1 1/2 (or 3)
No, I'm missing the two sequels
No, I have none
No opinion

If a Lion King 4 was released, how much would you pay for it? (in US dollars)

Less than 10$
10 - 15 $
15 - 20 $
20 - 30 $

Do you have an account on the site?

No, but I will register soon
No, I can't register
No, I can't connect
No, I don't want to

Do you read the news on the site?

No, where's that page? (...main page)
No opinion
Yes, I use the RSS feed
Yes, I always check this page when I come
Yes, sometimes
Yes, but not often
No, nearly never

How often do you come on the site?

No opinion
Several times in a day
Every day
Every week
Every month
This is the first time I've come here

Since when are you a Lion King fan?

Since forever!
Since the release of the first film in theaters (1994)
Since the release of the first film in video cassette (1995-1998)
Since the release of Lion King 2 (1998)
Since the release of Lion King 3 (2004)
Since the first time I've come to this site
I'm not a Lion King fan

Do you chat on the shout boxes?

Yes, is there anything else on this site?
No, there's never anyone in
Yes, I'm always there!
No, it's too crowdy
Yes, quite often
No, too many wars there
Yes, sometimes
No, I prefer the forums
No, I don't speak english very well
No, I've just never tried
No, I'm not allowed
No opinion
No, I'm too shy

In your opinion, which one is the most moving film?

Lion King 1
Lion King 2
Lion King 3 (1 1/2)
No opinion

Who is Nala's father, in your opinion?

A lone lion
No idea

Do you like Zira?

Yes, a bit
No, I don't really like her
No, I hate her
No opinion
Yes, she's my favorite character!
Yes, she's a great villain

Do you think you will receive any Lion King present this christmas?

Yes! (one of the films)
Yes (merchandise)
I'm not sure
No, I don't think so
No opinion

Do you have Lion King merchandise? (except the films)

Yes, I have a lot of items!
Yes, a few...
No, but I would love to have some!
No, but I don't mind.
No opinion

Are you a Balto fan?

Err...What is Balto?
Yes, I love this film!
Yes, I like it
No, not really
No, I've never seen it

Do you like Scar?

No, not really
No, I hate him
No opinion
Yes, it's my favorite character!
Yes, he's a great villain
Yes, a bit

Have you ever played a Lion King game?

Yes, several
No, never
No opinion
Yes, on GB/SNES/MD/Genesis (Lion King)
Yes, on PS1 (Simba's Mighty adventure)
Yes, on GBAdvance (Lion King 1 1/2)

Would you buy a fourth Lion King?

I would check reviews first
No, I don't think so
No opinion
Yes, that's sure!
Yes, probably

According to you, which character in this list is the oldest?

The hyenas
No idea

Do you think there will be another Lion King sequel?

Yes, in 1 or 2 years
Yes, within 10 years
No, I don't think there is room for a new scenario
No opinion

Which is the best point of The Lion King, in your opinion?

No idea
The story
The musics/songs
The characters
The animation

Your opinion on Kimba, the white lion?

Their likeness is just a coincidence
No opinion
Disney got inspiration from it
Disney copied Kimba
They are entirely different

How old are you? (anonymous vote)

17 - 20 years
20 - 25 years
0 - 8 years
8 - 12 years
13 - 16 years

What is your favorite Lion king?

Lion King 1 1/2 (or 3)
I can't decide
I don't like The Lion King
Lion King 1
Lion King 2 : Simba's pride

Favorite Lion King song?

I just can't wait to be the king
Be prepared
Hakuna Matata
Can you feel the love tonight
No opinion
Circle of life
The morning report

Apart from the DTV sequels, Disney has decided to stop producing new 2D traditional animated movies to focus on CGI ones (3D). What's your opinion?

That's a bad idea
It's the natural evolution
2D or 3D, I don't care if it's good
No opinion
2D forever !!!

Is The Lion King your absolute favorite animated movie?

No, I still like it though
No, I don't like it.
No opinion
No, but not far!

When did you see The Lion King for the first time?

I've never seen it
In theaters (1994)
On video tape (1995-2003)
On DVD (2003-2005)
Much recently


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