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The Lion King Source newsDecember 26, 2009
Fan News


TLK2010.png picture by Kohaku9595

Not exactly yet, but it's getting there!

We have a beautiful drawing of Kirara and Kovu, showing how ! By Lil Cheetah.

For the images, anileu's "" is the image of the week, it's a good mix of TLK 2 and TLK 1 characters!

Did you notice that little "Brother" Mufasa said? 

Do you like Aleu Or Kirara better?

Have You seen Courage The Cowardly Dog?

Did you know about Cats And Dogs 2?



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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsDecember 18, 2009
Fan news


Hey Lion King fans, The winter holidays are drawing closer as we speak!

What's new this week? 


shiiru_maisha's drawing , is a wonderful fanart.

 by Greywolf.

The twin's need your help, by Chip.

Around the forums, Lion King

Your review for Lion King, What's your review? 

Zira considered Evil? Do you think she was evil?

Was it a mistake to make a TLK3?

Around the forums

Have you seen One stormy night?

What's the Worst movie you ever saw?

That's all for now, but below, is a picture of TLK toys,

[Lion King]


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Animation Source newsDecember 16, 2009
Opening of Spirit Source! / Death of Roy Disney...


The site is opened since two days nows, but better late than never : Spirit Source (english) is now officially opened!

Spirit fansite

That makes the third site in (almost) one week!! Yes, that's madness, I admit. At the same time, they were ready, so I didn't want to make any of you waiting...

I already know that Spirit Source and All Dogs Go To Heaven Source will be the two most popular sites here after Balto Source. Which is logical, these sites are made for attracting the current visitors while the others are there for "enlarging" the members base.

In any [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 15, 2009
*UPDATE* Princess & The Frog box office opening


* UPDATED * See below!

The Princess And The Frog is now available widely (in the US!) and here's its first week end box office :


Disappointing Box office

My analysis? Disappointing. VERY disappointing.

This is below the expectations, below any 3D animated film being released over the past years. UP made 3 times that, other lesser efforts such as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball or Disney's A Christmas Carol made much better.
Enchanted, a film with similar aspects but limited target, made 35M$. Heck, even Curious George, a 2D animated film that no one talked about when it was released in 2006 and [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 11, 2009
The Princess & The Frog opens today!


In case you didn't already know...

The Princess & The Frog is opening today in theaters, in the USA!

Time magazine : Top Princess & The Frog

So if you live there, well...what are you waiting in front of your computer??? Get out and see it! Now! It's an order! The 

More seriously : for now the film has grossed $2,410,820 in only two theaters. (pre-release) which is an impressive amount (but was expected!) We should receive the "real" figures in a few days with its first wide-release week end.

Will it make an honest effort (10-20 M$) or become the highest-grossing 2D animated film of all time? (> 50 M$) We'll [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 09, 2009
Opening of All Dogs go to Heaven Source!


They're on fire! The Yes, the Source websites are multiplying at light speed.

Today, I present you with a site dedicated to this film that, I'm pretty sure, everyone here already knows : All Dogs Go To Heaven, including information on the sequel, the series and the Christmas Carol.

This site has been one of the most requested during the lifetime of Balto Source, so I hope you'll be satisfied!

EDIT : Sorry about that, I'm very impolite. You can thank Silver Deni (graphics) and Mohammad891 (content/info) for all their work on the site!

All Dogs Go To Heaven Source

This [...]

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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsDecember 06, 2009
Fan News


What's new this week? 

, By Deni, a Simba and a Bug art, done wonderfully.

 The amazing fan image by

Around the forums.

Zira's smile reveled! Did you know that Zira did smile? 

What i fscar was a girl? What do you think would happen?

Have you seen Spirited Away?

Do you Hate Mikey Mouse?

Around the site

Hey give it some time, Spirit Source is being translated for all you English members as we speak!

In case you didn't notice, there is a new source! Princess and the Frog Source!

Below is another picture of The Lion king on Ice, but this time of Simba [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 05, 2009
Opening of Princess & The Frog Source!


Princess And The Frog Source

Yes, there is a new Source site! Maybe not the one you expected (don't worry, the english version of Spirit Source is still on its way)
Nonetheless, this is an important one.

Why is Princess & The Frog important?

The main reason is simple : this upcoming film is Disney's comeback to traditional animation!

Let's remember : in 2003, Disney closed down their 2D animation department, deciding to stop making more "line drawn" animated films like their past glories from the 90's : The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast... That [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 04, 2009
Webranking changes, and sharing


I have performed a lot of changes on the sites recently, in order to solve some trouble with webranking.

Especially, the forums URL have changed : but don't worry, if you bookmarked some pages, you will be redirected to the right page.

I have done some testing, but if you see experience some bugs, please report them!

Also, I have added some neat "Share" buttons on most site pages, so that you can now easily share your creations, the interesting articles you find, etc...on Facebook, Twitter and others!


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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsNovember 28, 2009
Fan news


What's new this week? 


A drawing by Lil Cheetah, it has a rare pose of Simba, and it's wonderfully drawn too. It's titled

 is a great image, featuring Simba, Kiara, and Zira, it's a good image, it seems to be like a fan cover.

The new project, The Lion King 4, it needs people to design, animate, voice, and script writers, lend a hand if you can!

Around the forums

Who was Nala's father? Do you think it's Mufasa or Scar? 

Whick TLK song did you like better? Can you feel the love tonight? Or Love will find a way? 

Did you cry when one of the [...]

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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsNovember 21, 2009
Fan news For this week


 tlkfannewspart2.png picture by Kohaku9595


News for this week!                      

For new members, a Picture How to “ Guide showing you how you find the place to change your [...]

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Animation Source newsNovember 21, 2009
News display changes


I have done a little change on the way news are displayed.

In particular, the Animation Source news will appear on all the sites, so that everyone knows when I make changes that affect all the sites.

Also, only a part of the news will be displayed on the front page, in order to show more than a single news. The aim is to write news more often, so that you'll get updates more regularly! (instead of one big news every month or so, like I used to do)


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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsNovember 15, 2009
Weekly Fan News



 TLKfannews.png picture by Kohaku9595



Here are some new selected TLK work of the week!

 by Aikachi! It’s a romantic art featuring Simba and Nala.

 By greywolf, It’s about Mufasa’s death, and how it effects the Kingdom of the Pridelands.

Let My People Go, By devilwulfie, a epic AMV with a great song, and great timing.

A project, Pride Lion, if you are interested in participating, your efforts will not be wasted.

If you plan on making a contest, you should read Anui’s Sample Contest Guide

The well written article, “New Theory On [...]

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The Batman
The Lion King Source newsNovember 09, 2009
News for Monday


Takaobserver has made a well written article on Kopa’s birth, if you want to learn some more on this “Kopa” you should go look at it. Click here.


The Lion King Fan news! 

Hello! This is the new news, this is my first time, so if you have suggestions please tell me.

Ok, to the main sketch, we have new mods, if you would like to contact them, please check out the staffpage.


if you find anything not following the site rules, please report it, our wonderful mods will take care of it!

The selected Fan sections!

toraz's g is [...]

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The Lion King Source newsOctober 28, 2009
New moderators annouced


These are very busy days for Lion King Source, as the brand new moderators are slowly being chosen. Currently the sections of fan art, fan images, fan characters and shout box are moderated by dedicated Lion King Source mods! It will take some more time to choose the mods for the other sections, but we are working on it and it's a matter of days. I'd like to thank all the members to applied here on this site: even if you didn't get chosen this time, you will be contacted in future when we need more staff. ;)

You can check the staff page to see who are the new mods. As you can notice, the [...]

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The Lion King Source newsOctober 11, 2009
Lion King Source needs you!


As you may have noticed, the staff page on Lion King Source is now empty, and all the moderators have been removed. This is because we think that this site now deserves a dedicated staff, which won't be the same of Balto Source anymore. For this reason we are "recruiting" Lion King fans to become moderators, and if you want to be part of the team, now it's your chance! All of you can join, as long as you are not a moderator on Balto Source and you are a Lion King fan.

So, if you think you would be a good moderator, please email me at the following address: Then we will choose the best [...]

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Ayame Jurora
The Lion King Source newsSeptember 11, 2009
Fan New Updates.


Steet has made two "official" contest, which will help for him to choose who will be working on making new sites in the future with him. The two contested are based on Creating Informatoin and on the graphical side of the new up-coming site to be in the next few years, The main aim for these contests are based on the film Spirit:Stallion Of The Cimarron, but other can be suggested. Experiance is requird when making a site so if you feel you can give it a good go then feel free to enter and join in the fun. More information about these contests are found in the links above so if you have any [...]

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The Lion King Source newsSeptember 09, 2009
Major update - Animation Source opened!


That's it, I have finally made the big update I planned since a few months.

Although you may not see a big difference (I have kept the same layouts), the sites run on a new "engine".
This update was necessary in order to prepare for new things coming up, especially new sites.

Part of that is a URL change : I suggest to update your bookmarks!

New Balto Source URL =

New Lion King Source URL =

If you added some site pages into your browser bookmarks, then you'll need to search them and bookmark them [...]

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Ayame Jurora
The Lion King Source newsAugust 24, 2009
All In One News Update


This is going to be a News update for pretty much every thing as I am not sure on who is left, along with me, to update then Lion King Fan news. I will start with my Fan News tast first and update you all on the Lion King Section of the forums :]


We have an amazing post made by a member The Lion King Musical is a Tony Award and Olivier Award-winning musical based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice along with the musical score created by Hans Zimmer with choral arrangements by Lebo M. [...]

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The Lion King Source newsAugust 16, 2009
*Important! fan characters(Please read!)*

  This is important! If you have a character on the characters page, read this!

As of August 14th, you characters must be featured in your Fanart/fanimage/fanfiction gallery. You have one week to do this. The deadline is, August 21 at 12:00PM.(Noon.) Any character that isn't featured will be against the rules, and will be deactivated.

You must the minimum information in your desription:


Please be aware of the character rules.
The link can be found .


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Ayame Jurora
The Lion King Source newsJuly 27, 2009
Fan Creation


Just a little update on the great creations that the fans of Lion King Source make, All will be updated every week on a monday for most of you :]

First off, A big Well done to Annie for making it to artist of the week, her wonderful digital artwork of Scar is a fine piece to look at. Well done Annie :]

Next up we haave the Image of the week of goes to.... xlilnattyx08 for her great work in creating a lovely image of Nala, We hope to see more great work from her.

And onto our FanFics, The many that where created looks like it was hard to pick out as they all seems to have a great [...]

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The Lion King Source newsJune 28, 2009
15 years of The Lion King!


Time goes by so quickly...Can you believe it?

The Lion King is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month! (it was released on 24th june 1994 in theaters)

Here's a little anniversary fan-made video I've found :

Too bad Disney doesn't seem to have planned anything special?


The Lion King Source newsJune 06, 2009
Say "Hello" to TaleSpin Source!


Finally, after 4 years of Balto Source and Lion King Source, I have officially opened a new site!

This site is dedicated to the TaleSpin Disney TV series, which is - in my opinion - one of the best animated series and surely the best Disney series I have ever seen.

It's clearly a series that I have always overlooked, just like all the TV series from that period. (I didn't watch that much the TV cartoons when it used to air, back in 1991 - I was more into the Disney comics books...)
I also had a wrong image of Disney series as a general way, [...]

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Ayame Jurora
The Lion King Source newsMay 20, 2009
Brand new Forum Updatas.


I must apologies deeply for my disappearence, I know it was so sudden but situations for me had gotten so bad that I had little choice. I must thank Steet greatfully for keeping my name under the Fan news editors and promise that I will not disappear again like I had done. Now back to the job I had always loved doing and onto the Forum New :)

Opinions are needed for the creater of this topic and questions are needed to be answered. So don't waste time, give us your opinion. Was The Lion King overrated? or is it just the opinions from others.

I personaly think that Zira had the most evil out [...]

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The Lion King Source newsApril 14, 2009
IMPORTANT : if you sent music videos

  A message to everyone who has sent music videos recently :

If you have sent a music video since march and it hasn't been updated yet, then blame me because IT WASN'T SENT (even though a message says it is!)

This is because I had made many updates on the fan sections, and there was a little error there - I thought that only the moderator administration had a problem, but in fact it's the send itself.

So you will need to send your music videos again. I'm very sorry for this problem.

I have changed the music players on the sites, because Deezer doesn't allow anymore the musics sent by users to [...]

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The Lion King Source newsMarch 09, 2009
Moderation tools + contests moderated


I have made many modifications to all the fan sections, in order to "harmonize" them (they have all been created at different times of the life of the site(s), so they were not created the same way)
This means that you can now see the status of what you send, on the send page (just like the fanarts and fan images)
Also, the moderators now have better moderation tools, with something which displays a marker when there are new things to moderate.

For this reason, there may be many bugs on the fan sections - I didn't have time to test everything, so if something seems not to work correctly : [...]

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The Lion King Source newsFebruary 18, 2009
New "report" system


I have worked on making a new "report" system. Basically, the system we used until now was merely links to PM the mods in case of a problem.
Now I have made something more sophisticated, a bit like what's already on the forums, which should help maintaining the site a LOT more efficiently. I really think this is something that was greatly missing.

So, if you see a problem on the site, an insult message for example : just click the little "!" icon next to the message and enter the reason of the report. It will be sent to the "report page" on the moderation panel,
and mods will be able to read [...]

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The Lion King Source newsFebruary 01, 2009
Activation and email needed


I have made a few changes to the registration process.

I have always been against requiring an email address for creating an account, even more the need to activate accounts before using them.
Unfortunately, I think this has become necessary, especially with the things that occured on the site recently. (including multi-accounts) I am also tired of having to change the passwords from people who forgot theirs, because they didn't specify an email address to get a new one. (not mentioning the security issues this causes, because I have no way to check if the person asking is really the [...]

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The Lion King Source newsJanuary 04, 2009
New comments display - Profiles, characters...

  I made big changes in the comments system.

It didn't really change since the site beginning, and it was poorly coded so that it was becoming difficult to do anything working with it, so I took the time to re-make it entirely - even though you may not see much difference.
It enabled me to add comments to parts of the site that were still missing them :

- Fan characters,
- Profiles (yes, you can add comments on profiles now - although keep in mind not to make them new shout boxes...)
- Comments on drawings, images, fanfics and gamebooks (you couldn't add a comment specifically to one drawing, [...]

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The Lion King Source newsJanuary 04, 2009
Forum Watch is Back!


Walto here with a different kind of news this time. I'll be giving you some well overdue Forum News, and since I've never done this before, please bear with me and try not to throw to many things at me. xP So, shall we get started?


Ever wondered what all the names of all the Lion King characters (both in the movies and in the series) actually meant? Well, here's a good topic for you made by Tibb_Wolf! 8D It's a great place to find a ton of Swahili names. (I personally like Cheka. xD)

Now here's something to think about. Who would you like better, Jenna or Nala? Check this topic out [...]

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