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Animation Source Official Facebook page
USA The official Facebook page for Animation Source!

canada Keyframe is one of the best website about Animated movies and series : it covers all the news, and you will find information and reviews on any animated film or cartoons you want!

Top The Lion King sites

The Lion King www archive
usa The biggest Lion King site on the web! Well, it may not be the most beautiful, but it's still updated and the biggest database on everything concerning the Lion King. A "must-see"!
usa Timduru's site, my host! Not really up-to-date, but still has interesting contents, especially fursuits!

Lion King official site
usa The little official site in flash, by Disney.

LeaHalalela forums
usa Probably the most active forums for the Lion King.

Ulaya (forums)
usa Another good Lion king forum, which focus on the RPG aspect.

Simba's pride online

Timon La Mangouste
france Very good french site (soon in english), dedicated to Timon and the Lion King universe.

russia Snow Lands

The Lion King forum
italy An italian forum for all Lion King italians fans!

The Savannah

My Lion King
usa Great Lion King site! Offers among other things the lyrics to most Lion King songs.

My Lion King!
usa A great Lion King directory, which gives a lot of interesting links to Lion King sites.

He.Lives.In.You (RPG)
usa A Lion King roleplay forum : "Here in the deep jungle of PrideRock, lions and lionesses roam the lands. Good and evil reign down upon the creatures. Betrayal starts to happen, and lies are now unfolding. Who knows what will become of PrideRock and the Outlands. With so many different events happening, what will become of PrideRock? Will it stay loyal, or will it fall to the conniving Outsiders? Simba and Nala have passed away and Kovu and Kiara are the new King and Queen of the Pridelands. Three years of peace after the battle between the Pridelanders and Outlanders have passed, but peace cannot last forever. The Outlanders are beginning to rebel and get their old ways back. The hyenas start to make their own appearance, but even betrayal lies within their lands. Treachery and lies are afoot. Will a new pride be formed and another war start again? "

Krˇl Lew PBF
Poland The biggest Lion King Roleplay forum in Poland!

Dead The Lion King sites

usa The lion king Broadway official page

usa Ryan's Lion

usa The TLK Picture Archive The Lion King
switzerland A very good information fan site for Lion King, especially if you're looking for news and recent information.

usa Chakal's Lair

usa The Furry Humor Archive

usa NalaMania

usa Sarafinas Site

The Lion King Fandom
usa A very nice looking archive site for both fan arts and fanfics. One of the very few sites that is actual.

The Lion King Pride
usa Very good and complete lion king site.

usa Whizzkid's little mermaid page

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