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it is a story about 4 lions who destroyed evil
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It hailed through the beautiful landscape that was the African savannah. The sun began to rise and introduced the flora and fauna to a new day with its irresistible heat. Rhinos, meerkats and antelopes lifted their heads and bodies towards the sky and starred into the distance. Huge swarms of flamingos wandered through the sky directly over a group of elephants. Antilopes jumped through over the ground overlaid with fog. Giraffes wandered over the now sun filled hills. Herds of Zebras marched along as colonies of ants carried leaves over tree branches. The herds of elephants kept moving as they were surrounded by peacocks and other various birds. It now came clear in which direction they were going. They all headed into the direction of a huge rock formation which enthroned like a castle over the mostly even landscape. This was where the masses of animals were going. For this wasn't exactly another normal day in the animal kingdom. It was the presentation of the new born princess of the pride lands. All the different kinds of animals assembled in front of the giant rock. Monkeys were standing beside giraffes; cheetahs took their places beside zebras. And mice right beside elephants. A blue hornbill flew directly over the massive assemblage directly in overseeing the scene with a smile. It landed on what looked like a long ledge. Right at the feet of a majestic looking lion with red fur and a crimson red mane. The bird vowed to him and received an approval nod and smile. The sky was now filled with a blanket of clouds which only occasionally let sunlight through its gaps. In the middle of the crowd opened a small alley as the animals stepped slowly aside. A small stroke of sunlight shined upon a mandrill making his way through the assemblage. In his hands he held a staff which was decorated with strange looking fruits. The baboon made his way up the boulders coming face to face with the waiting lion. As the two met, they greeted each other with a friendly hug. They now paid their attention to a lioness lying down just a few feet away from them. In the embrace of her front legs, she held a small bundle of hair which she licked with her paws. The ball of fur turned around and revealed itself to be a small cub. The mandrill smiled at it and waived his staff like a rattle over the cubs head. It instantly started swinging its paws at it before the baboon removed the stick. He than raised one of the fruits, he brought along, into the air and broke it in half. With one of his hands, he took some of the juice and stroke it over the cubs' forehead. He than took some dirt from the ground and distributed it over its head again. The dust caused the cub to sneeze and made its parents grow and adored smile while they nuzzled. After that the baboon picked up the little lion and carried it forward. He made his way to the end of the ledge as all animals held up their breaths in anticipation. With a final smile he lifted the cub into the air and just in time before another stroke of sunlight came through the blanket of clouds and settled directly on the cub and the mandrill. All the animals present burst out in joy and amazement. The noise was just indescribable and ear-battering. The lion and the lioness joined the two on the side and gave out their roar to show their dominance. Seconds later the rest of the pride, which lied in the background started to join in and marked the end of the ceremony. It definitely wasn't a day like any other in the pride lands.


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