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The lion king 4 - Return of Kopa :

The story of Kopa, Simba's son. When Kopa falls in love with Vitani, Zira is out to kill him. Will Kopa live to fight back, ot will he be joining Mufasa? I created the cover using ms paint. I did not steal any art off of anyone to create this, I did it myself (and it took forever)
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What If? Chapter 1 :

This is the first what if of the What If? fanfic. King Taka (Scar) and Queen Sarafina have a young cub called Prince Simba. However, his jealous uncle, Scatch (Mufasa), wants to kill Simba and King Taka to become king. What will happen to Simba? WARNING: Some characters had to have their designs changed to fit in with the story.
Length :

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There's more to me than you know :

A story about Vitani's past and just how she came into the care of Zira. Sometimes there's a lot more to characters than we know WARNING: Contains fan characters
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Artist presentation

Hey guys! I'm Rebekah_the_lion! Welcome to my fanfic gallery! I love writing, even though they aren't always the best, and I plan to be an author.

So, where was I? Oh yeah!

Finished fanfics:

The lion king 4: Return of Kopa

What if? Chapter 1

There's more to me than you know

Future fanfics:

Love problems

A nightmare called life

Shadow of darkness

The What If series will be continued through a different chapter by a different person each time. FeatherVenom is writing chapter 2, for example

I hope you enjoy my fanfics!


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April 11, 2013
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Rebekah- I adore these fanfics! They are epic! * faves* and I'm the first XD

March 27, 2012
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I am currently writing a fanfic about Gana's life but I will be creating a seperate fanfic about Gana and Zale becoming close brother and sister

March 06, 2012
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Dog, kill me now, MY FANFIC IS CHEESY! :icon297:

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