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Love Is Blind :

Baraka is a son of Kovu and Kiara, and the Pridelands' new leader. But with no mate, he is ruling alone. Worried, his twin brother is given a message that changes his life, and the acceptance of a rogue lion and his daughter may hold the answers to Baraka's turmoil and that of his family and friends.
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Pound of Flesh :

Ever wonder in Simba's Pride what Zira meant when she said 'If you need your pound of flesh'? Well, here's my theory on the Outlanders banishment.
Length :

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An Ambush Gone Right :

A new one-shot which tells how Zira's ambush of Simba in Simba's Pride should have gone. What if Kovu had done what he'd been trained to: kill Simba? Read to find out.
Length :

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In Sickness and In Health :

Aricin is King of the Jangwa Pride, but he and his mate are trapped in a loveless marriage with only one way to keep themselves and their kingdoms together: By pretending to be mates around the pride. They are living a lie. They are not true mates but they cannot separate for fear of their prides going to war. When Queen Asya falls ill, the possibility of her dying fills the young King’s mind, but with such a possibility comes something else that enables the arrogant son of Pridelander blood to open his blocked heart.
Length :

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For Better or For Worse :

Asya has known from the moment she was a cub and adolescent that she was meant to rule in her father’s place as the next ruler of the Jangwa Pride as its first Queen. An elderly father who could die at any time forces the Princess to make a choice: Accept the throne when it’s her time or give it to one of her inexperienced sisters. Reluctantly, she accepts the throne and her father’s last request: That she take a Prince of the Pridelands as her King and mate. When she suffers a fever her mind flashes back to the times she spent with her now deceased father. But the surprising presence of her ‘mate’ in the royal chamber, the words he speaks to her in her fever induced sleep and the days that follow make her realize that though she did not choose her future she can make it bearable for herself and the son of Pridelander royal blood.
Length :

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Artist presentation

All right guys and gals, this is my fanfiction gallery. Hope you like what you see and read. Enjoy! smiley

PS. Although it's still a work in progress, lol!

Anyway, my first fanfic is Love is Blind, the story of my vision of Kovu and Kiara's sons. I'm not gonna spoil it by talking about it. I leave it to you readers to, well, read it and enjoy it. So, please, do so! smiley

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:o Wow, that fanfic is long.

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