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Love within Darkness :

Rewrite of an old fic The Dark King One day Scar meets a rouge lioness called Zira in the Outlands. What begins as friendships grows into something much more. Their daughter Zola grows up in a word of love, yet with ever increasing tensions within the pride. With Simba's return looming on the horizon, will Zola follow her parent's paws prints, or will the appearance of a mysterious rouge lion offer a different path.
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Time of Transition :

Fic has been re-written. Set immediately after Simba becomes kings and before the presentation of the cub at the end of the original movie. In the aftermath of the battle Simba begins his reign. As the land heals the fates of hyenas and Scar's supporters are decided. Simba must also come to terms with new role and lay his ghosts to rest.
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Children of the Savannah :

Follows on from A Time of Transition. In the majestic Pride Lands Kopa grows up with his friends in a time of plenty. A chance meeting with Scar's son Imoo leads to friendship between the two cousins. When am old friend of Nala's friends the circle of friends is complete. Growing up the children of the savannah will face many challenges. As Scar and Zira fight to reclaim the kingdom, Kopa and Imoo are forced into conflict. Will the enmity of their fathers divide them or will friendship win through? When Scar commits a terrible crime Kopa and his friend are faced with their greatest ever challenge.
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A Tale of Two Cousins :

Follows on from Children of the savannah. Now young adults Kopa and Imoo face trails and adventures as they take their place in the pride. Their changing roles will test their friendship with Aketch that will eventually lead to a life altering event. The shock meeting of Kiara and Kovu adds a new dimension to the existing tensions between both prides. Over showed by the past, Imoo walks a precarious path to adulthood. The arrival of a male leopard sparks an adventure that will take Kopa and Imoo to the jungle. In the jungle dramatic events will change the course of Kopa and Imoo's lives. Can two cousins succeed where two brothers failed and remain best friends or will history repeat itself?
Length :

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Ni and Kula- A love story :

Takes place during Children of the Savannah and can be viewed as an appendices to that fic. This fic tells the story of the deep friendship that develops between Ni and Kula and how over time they come to love one another.
Length :

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The Return of Kopa and Imoo :

Kopa and Imoo return to the Pridelands in the aftermath of the events of Simba's Pride. The pair must help rebuild the pride while dealing with the changes that have taken place during their absence. Into this comes a revelation from the past, that Scar and Zira had a daughter named Zola, who vanished on the very night Simba took the throne. The truth about what happened that night leads to dramatic consequences for all.
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A family reunited :

Vitani and Nassor journey seeking Zola and Majani, on the way learning secrets from the past. In the coastal kingdom Vitani and Nassor at last meet the pair. The years have changed the daughter of Scar, not a princess but a queen. Under the guidance of Zola and Majani, Vitani and Nasor begin to uncover their true selves. When birds bring alarming news from the Pridelands, Vitani and Nassor decide to return, accompanied by Zola and Majani. The return of Zola will decide the fate of the kingdom. Will Simba and Zola be able to reconcile or will war come once more to the Pridelands.
Length :

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Artist presentation

Hi I'm Laura the Wolfgirl

     Welcome to my gallery.

         I've been a member of the site for a long time and the fics you see below were written between 3 and 5 years ago. This means my writing style has improved dramatically since then as had my grammer.  All fics are undergoing rewrities as of January 2012. Feel free to read the stories but please be aware that grammer ect may not be qutie up to standard.

= 9    

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