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Interview with Simba :

Simba is being interviewed on February 2008 and he tells the events of his life in his own words, including what he has learned from his past and what he believes in his family and his friends. (Note: All the information in this fanfic is related to Lion King 1 & 2 only and has nothing relevant to Lion King 1/2)
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The Lion King III: Hidden Prophecy Part I :

It is the day after the war between the Simba's Pride and the Outsiders, who are now apart of; or "one" with Simba's Pride; and everyone has now settled down to live together in peace. But Kiara fears that they are not out of danger yet as she suspects that Zira might have survived her fall into the river. Nala also suspects that there might be someone out there to be considered a threat.
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The Lion King III: Hidden Prophecy Part II :

Suspicions from the Pride Landers are confirmed out at Tsavo National Park, Kenya; where Scar's son Kufuzu and his own pride are roaming. He has a co-leader called Hekima and he has just become mates with a long-term friend, Mwezi. But they are not alone. A pack of tresspasers have just made their way into his territory. What will become of them when they confront Kufuzu?
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The Lion King III: Hidden Prophecy Part III :

The events after the meeting about Zira's possible return and her biological son, Kufuzu. Nala is convincing the New Breed of Simba's Pride (The former Outsiders) to train his Original members to fight; Simba is teaching Kovu how to become a good and wise king; and Vitani is training Kiara to hunt and fight. At the same time all seem to be building a sense of family connection between each other.
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The Lion King III: Hidden Prophecy Part IV :

It was assumed that Kopa was dead, but he is alive and living well with his Uncle Mheetu all the way down south of the continent in Marakele National Park, South Africa. They are both very happy with their lives, but understand that their Royal Family members would have gone through hard times in their absence, and so decide to go back and see them to help set minds at ease. But Kopa secretly has someone else who he needs to see. Meanwhile, back in Tsavo National Park, Kenya; Kufuzu explains to his friend and mate the reasoning behind his kinship with the hyenas.
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The Lion King III: Hidden Prophecy Part V :

The Royal Family reflect on Timon and Pumbaa's history including their days with Simba; Mufasa has warned Rafiki of the suspicions of upcoming threats in the Pride Lands; Timon and Pumbaa have just arrived back in their old home at the Tropical Paradise; The hyenas are making the most of their hunting skills in their new habitable home with Kufuzu and Hekima's pride; Kopa and Mheetu have made a stop in Lower Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe on their way back to the Pride Lands; and Vitani remembers her cub days with someone special to her. Zira is also on the move to continue her quest for vengeance.
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Pride Lands Flyover: Lion Guard Returns :

The Flyover is the local newspaper that covers the events of the Pride Lands. The reporters consist of egrets, starlings, swallows, drongos and hornbills - including Royal major-domo Zazu. Each bird uses their keen eyesight and hearing to report on the major happenings within the Savannah. In this report, Ripoti the egret has covered the newly formed Lion Guard and their triumph over the ambush on the gazelles by the hyenas.
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The Lion Guard's Wisdom :

Zazu interviews the five members of the Lion Guard in a Q & A session. The Fiercest, Bravest, Fastest, Strongest, and Keenest of Sight express their wisdom and beliefs on teamwork and leadership.
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Artist presentation

My name is BlackJack16; I am from Australia; and I have always been a huge fan of TLK. It is probably my favourite animated film out of all others that I like. I cannot stop watching animated films, because I love the humor and the entertainment and the quality of animation. At the same time I have always been a huge fan of story writing. It became a hoby of mine when I was only 8 years old back in 1995, and since then I have learned more and more about what makes a good story; as well as what it takes to stick to the moral of the story.

Ever since joining this site, I have been given the opportunity to put my writing skills into practice. I mainly learned how to write from my mother, because she is a journalist; and I guess that I inherited her writing genes. I was also taught by her and university subjects about grammar, spelling and proof-reading. I eventually learned how to do all of this myself; and after so much typing of essays and reports at university, I want to put it all into practice. Fan fiction is perfect for me as I love animation and I can make up my own stories while at the same time enjoying time on a favourite website. This might sound ironic, but I might just add that although I love writing, I have never been a great reader; so it is pretty hard to learn how to write well if you don't do much reading! However, since I love Lion King, some of the fanfics on the site have made for interesting reading; and so I have paid close attention to the writing styles of the author's and the detail that they include. This has certainly given me more lessons in story writing.

This site gives me a great opportunity to put my hobby of story-writing into practice; and I only hope that one day I can make a living out of this. I know that it takes a lot to write a good story; including loads of research into the subjects related to the stories and the theme or list of themes within a story to make it for good reading. I will never be as good as other famous novelists such as Charles Dickens, Bryce Courtney, or Dan Brown; but I still want to write stories that will make for interesting reading. I hope that they appeal to all you viewers out there.

Cheers, 'mates'!


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August 26, 2011
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
I loved interveiw with Simba. COuld you do some other interveiws with some chars from The Lion King?

June 16, 2009
Uk Is not currently on the site
Hi! Your interview with Simba was very good, it really captured his character very well. :) The only thing I could say to improve it is put a bit more punctuation in his words to make Simba's personality shine through.
For example:
instead of: Simba, what was it like to lose your father?
It was horrible. I really miss him.
Have: was- h-horrible. I- I...really miss him.
Keep up the great fanfics!

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