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- TNE: Whispering Winds - Chapter 1, by CloudyPawz
"From the ashes of the raging fire a new life will arise,
bringing peace to some but hate to the others. Beware of the
quiet rain as only it will be a...

- Long Live the King - Scar's Reign, by hiddenwolf
With the death of the King and his sole heir, the dark
prince takes the throne and a new phase in the Great Circle
of Life comes forth. It brings chal...

- Children of the Savannah, by BlueWolfStoryteller
Follows on from A Time of Transition. In the majestic Pride
Lands Kopa grows up with his friends in a time of plenty. A
chance meeting with Scar's son...

- Give Up, by Dracarys
Raziya never thought she'd have to give up her only son.
Little did she know, that wasn't the only thing she would
sacrifice in doing so...

- A family reunited , by BlueWolfStoryteller
Vitani and Nassor journey seeking Zola and Majani, on the
way learning secrets from the past. In the coastal
kingdom Vitani and Nassor at last mee...

- The repeat, by baltolover01
Kovu and Kiara's two children are playing in the gourge one
day, the same gourge that simba was in when the antelope
herd stampeded, and a horrible re...

- Friends?, by The_Lion_King_Page
How did Simba and Nala meet?

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