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What if TLK was based on a different story

Did you know that TLK and TLK 2 are based from two classical tales? TLK was based on Hamlet and TLK 2 on Romeo and Juliet, but what if the movies were based from different stories and tales?

What If - The Lion King was based on a different story?

Before starting the contest I would like to remind you all of a fact that we don't notice or remember sometimes. Both Lion King movies, "The Lion King" and "Simba's Pride", they are based from two different classical romances from Shakespeare, The Lion King was based from Hamlet and The Lion King 2 from Romeo and Juliet, if you compare the main plot of each movie with those stories you will see that they are similiar. But what if The Lion King and Simba's Pride were based from another story? How would it be? What would happen?

Whats the contest goal?

In this contest I would like members who have joined it to re-create the TLK or TLK 2 plot, like an "Alternative Universe" where TLK characters play different roles and have different personalities based on the characters from the story the member choosed. Basing themselves on different stories, just like the directors of the film based themselves on Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet to create the movies. The members who create the most original, most "realistic" and well done

What kind of entry can I send?

The members will have two options of entries to send:

Image + Resume - You can send a image wich can be a drawing or a render both are allowed, the image must reenact a main scene of the story you choosed, the most known and famous scene of the story you choosed or it can be a movie cover style. The image must have TLK characters only and they must represent different characters from the story you choosed. Along with the image there must be a resume of what's going on and the whole plot, just like a movie or book resume. Example:

" What if TLK 2 was based on Sleeping Beauty, I can make a image of a female TLK character sleeping and a male TLK character kissing/looking/whatever her, or I can make a image of a TLK character cursing/whatever a TLK character as a newborn cub. And along with that image I made I will write a resume of what's going on and the a resume of the whole plot."

A short fanfic - You can also send a short fanfic, besides the fanfic beign short, she must be much bigger than a resume, more detailed and well done, the fanfic does not need more than 10 pages but MUST have more than 2. In this fanfic you can reenact a main scene of the story you choosed or the most know and famous scene, there must have TLK characters acting as characters from the story you choosed. Example:

" What If TLK was based on Sleeping Beauty, I will write a scene where there will be the hero fighting against the villain from his love, if you choose Mufasa to be the villain, he must act as such"

Where I should send my entry?

If your entry is a image you can send the image here in the contest page and the resume you send to me by PM or in the contest page, or you can send the image and the resume in your gallery and send me the link to it (I prefer like this), but it's your choice. If your entry is a fanfic, you must send the fanfic on the site and send the link in the contest page.

The entry "model"

All entries shall have this same model

 If it's a Image

Title: What If TLK was based on (story you choosed)

Resume: Whats going on? Wich characters from the original story the TLK characters are playing? What is the whole plot?

If it's a fanfic 

Title: What If TLK was based on (story you choosed)

Fanfic: A main or famous scene from the story you choosed beign reenact with TLK characters, detailed, a minimum of 2 pages

What kind of stories should I use?

Try to keep it real, unless you want to send a funny entry with The Lion King based on Star Wars with lions in space, or Lions in Middle Earth, Lions in Narnia or Lions that shot with guns in the west. I suggest and I would want if you guys could choose the most acceptable stories that can easily and originally fit TLK characters on their own world on it, your entry doesn't need to be exactly like the original story you choosed, take the most important and main facts and occurences of the story and reenact with TLK. My suggestion? Look for classicic and famous stories, romances and tales, like Shakespeare or Alexandre Dumas. ( I even have 2 stories in mind that if one member can see how to perfectly fit it with TLK characters as I do, this person already has an advantage in winning ;)


- You can use any TLK character and you can also mix TLK 1 and 2 characters in the same image

- The characters must be in the TLK world, if you choose a story that happens in a magical forest you must put this inside the TLK world, Pridelands, Elephants Graveyard, etc.

- Once again, keep it real, don't choose a fairytale, too much fantasy, cartoons, other disney movies, space to reenact with TLK

- No OC's! Only official TLK characters

- You can use comic characters as well, but remember to keep it real, you can't make a image/fanfic featuring only comic characters since they don't appear in the movies, there must be a movie character too

- You can't change their gender, names or species only their roles

- Don't make the TLK characters actors pretending to act, that's not what I mean. Make them different characters

- The image/fanfic can't be based on Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet, that's already been done


1st Place - 1 full drawing (character + background), 2 image requests, 2 designs requests and 1 avatar

2nd Place -  Pixel Page Doll (Any character/OC), 2 images requests, 1 design request

3rd Place - 1 image request, 1 design request

Have fun guys, that's what matters :) And don't forget to send the entry

Deadline for this contest : September 08, 2015

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Last comments

September 09, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Thank you so much! I'm glad I could submit it :P This contest was actually fun and congrats to Lionobession!

September 09, 2015
Brazil Female Is not currently on the site
The contest is oficially over now! Congrats and thanks to all who have joined and sent their entries, I believe those that didn't sent them had good reasons (or don't). It was hard to chose but here are the winners:

1st place - Lionobesession - Your drawing was very well made, the way you captured the main fact of the original story and put it not only in the drawing itself but in the characters expressions are great. I liked the resume you sent, it was almost a book or a full script of a movie, it's was great.

2nd place - Reba_andUnicorn333 - Your drawing was very well made too, but the expressions of the characters and the "pace" of the drawing didn't quite captured all the "emotions" to each character, but besides that, it's a lovely and great drawing. The resume you made was impeccable with all the informations I would need.

Sadly, since not everyone sent the entries one place will be missing a winner. But anyway, both drawings and resumes were great. PM me for your prizes

September 06, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
I've sent the link! :P

September 04, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
I've finished everything. But, my PC isn't connected to internet. I'll buy an internet package tomorrow to send them as soon as possible!

September 04, 2015
Is not currently on the site
I am two thirds of the way through my resume so I plan to get it sent soon!

September 01, 2015
Brazil Female Is not currently on the site
Don't forget the contest soon will be over. Don't let to send your entries in the last minute

August 16, 2015
Is not currently on the site
Thanks, and that's absolutely fine. I just feel there are some particularly good moments and I love drawing!

August 16, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Ooh, then I could, too!

August 15, 2015
Brazil Female Is not currently on the site
Lionobsession- Sure you can send more than one, but I'll judge both drawings equally okay?

August 15, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Thank you so much Eris!


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