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Make Itanya a Mate!

Daughter of Scar and Sarafina, she has lived in the Pride lands for a month now. Her sister has a mate, and she wants one. Now it is your job to make Itanya a mate!!


In this contest, you have to create my Sarafina x Scar cub a mate.

You have to read her description, then you will know what Itanya is like--> CLICK HERE


What is Itanya looking for?

Itanya is looking for an interesting male who shows interest in her. He must NOT be gary stu character (male mary sue), make his personality interesting, like for example a clumsy bad boy could be his personality, or he could be a flirty, show off male. Be creative with his personality and looks! But please DO NOT use sparkle lion.


Base, Ajali (c) Austin.Max246




1. Do NOT steal anything.

2. Be creative- but not to creative.

3. Credit the base maker if you use a base.

4. Please no 'Gary Stu' personalities.

5. If you join, please contribute. Do not join and not, unless you have a good reason PM me if you need more time.



First Place: Your lion will be Itanya's mate (obviously), 2 Requests, 1 Cub Design (either of the new couple, or anything else)

Second Place: Your lion can be friends with Itanya, 1 Request, 1 Cub Design

Third/ Fourth/ Fifth Place: 1 Request or 1 Cub Design

Note: For requests they can be a drawing, render, avatar, graphics or something.


Hope you will join and have fun creating!! c:

Deadline for this contest : January 30, 2015

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  • lionlion111307f_alivias_brother_kc.jpg by roxie (January 08, 2015)
  • leon.gif by Maltathecub (January 05, 2015)

Last comments

January 26, 2015
Is not currently on the site
The contest is nearly over!! Everyone please try send in your entries as soon as possible!!

January 24, 2015
Is not currently on the site
Only a few days left!! Please send in your entries, whether it is a bio or image, or maybe both. Please hurry!! If you need more time pm me.

January 12, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Name: Leon
Meaning: 'Brave like a lion'
Age: (Probably) some months elder than Itanya
Gender: Male
Siblings: Dead
Parents: Unknown (Relatives to Malka's mother)
Personality: Strong, brave, caring, flirty
Likes: To show off, girls' attention on him
Dislikes: Too much honest people
Crush: Itanya
Mate: Itanya
Cubs: None yet
Leon was born during Scar's reign. He being a boy, his parents were afraid and tried to escape to Mountain Pride. But the hyenas captured them. During this, Leon's mother died due to a fatal disease and his father had no other choice but to marry again to take care of little Leon. His new mother never took really good care of him.
Leon hanged out all day most of the time, finding whatever to eat and show off to girls. Scar didn't knew he was a boy because his looks were like girls. And that was the reason he was paid much attention to the girls. Leon challenged the boys most of the times and that he was stronger he won most of the times and then showed off. Leon liked the daughter of Scar, Itanya. He hang with her most of the time and tried to be smarter I'm front of Itanya's eyes as much as possible.
Things went well, until one day Scar found out he was a boy. He was furious and said he would banish him next day. Itanya warned him to run away, but Leon said that he would be totally fine. But the next day, Simba returned.
Everything was well again, and that Leon loved Itanya, they became mates.

January 04, 2015
Is not currently on the site
He is very cute!! c:

January 04, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
I've sent in my boy Leon. His design was a gift to me by Dailymilk. The base also belongs to her. I'll send his bio through PM, soon!

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