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Kovu\'s enemies wanted

Looking for some lions to attack the pridelands and his king, Kovu.

Hi everyone!!! laugh

As some of you may know, my friends WildWind and Sparrow Feather, we havd a little Story of our own.
We reach to the part when Kovu is already adult and king of the pridelands (after what happen on TLK2).
But now, a son of Nuka is planning an attack to the kingdom.
His name of him is Huzuni, he belongs to me so please read his bio of him to know his story better.
He recruits 3 or 4 more lions to get his plan done.
One of them is my character Reynor, other lion may be Reynor's younger brother and the other two are unknown lions.

That's exactly where we need some help.

This contest would be to make a lion who can join Huzuni into the attack on the pridelands.

- Must be male
- Have to send a body pic and at least a small bio
- His own motives to attack the pridelandes are up to you, it can be an enemy of Pridelands, he could hate Kovu for some reason, could have a crush on the queen Kiara, maybe he like the place enough to live there so he's willing to fight for it... I don't know, be creative


- If you win, you can decide to be part of our story to create and use your own character, or if you don't have enough time / interest you can give your character to us so we could use it on the story

- The winner's characters will be featured in the art we make for our story
- A full body drawing with bg 3 characters max
- A bust drawing no bg 2 characters max

- A headshot made by Wildwind


* The effort on the entries is very appreciated so everyone who joins (and send an entry) will get a free headshot from me of any character of their choice

Deadline for this contest : May 20, 2021

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  • img_20210308_133740_855.jpg by roxie (March 08, 2021)

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Yesterday, 05: 52
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Last month for participate on this contest! :SimbaCelebrate:

March 24, 2021
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Oops my bad lol

March 24, 2021
Australia Is not currently on the site
It ends in May* it's currently March

March 09, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Nice! :)Can't wait to see your entries guys :MufasaBigSmile:

March 09, 2021
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I’ll join I have the perfect male character lol

March 08, 2021
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Sure, go ahead please send the bio to me Wildwind can't connect it every day :)

March 08, 2021
Australia Is not currently on the site
My entry is named Oliver. Can I Pm you or Wildwind his bio?

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