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Deep Forest Albino Pride Contest *ended*

This contest is to add members into the pride thats lead by my Lone Lion Eze, he needs a mate and Pride members so this is the only pride i would like those who choose involved with Eze :)


Winners!!!!: Congrats to BlueStarlover, WarriorCatsFan23, Novacat, Lunarwolf, RituskaSamono, GreyStripeLover, BlueStarLover, and Ponygirl0316!!! Please Scroll down to see your Lion pride memebers enlisted :D thanks :D 



Bio Required 11-4-2011: I know i dont mention it below but Bio's are required and what needs to be mentioned within the bio is: 

1: the event that brings your entree to the pride.

2:  name, age, parents, relationships with outside lions. (the outside lions can be part of the inside lions if they are white.), and cubs if any.

3: a full description of the events in their life that lead up to joining the pride if they were not born in the pride. 

also if you are going ot associate your entree with someone elses entree please ask the creator of the entree if that is acceptable if you do not and do so anyways i will not accept your entree in the pride.

I KNOW 11-1-2011: A few people look at this and think omg what a newb Albinos dont exsist how stupid is this person, well thats a matter of opinion besides i know that Albinos dont exsist and white lions are not Albinos however a lion with red eyes i consider an albino ON THIS SITE there is no such thing as an Albino lion in real life -_- so you dont have to message me or comment below saying "albinos arent real , white lions are albinos" DUH i know thank you that will be all. P.s. Its called the Deep Forest Albino herd because Eze the king is an Albino if you dont like it dont freaking apply to be in his Pride. ..... that will be all.

Contest Begins 11-1-2011: As of today Eze is the only lion i will allow to be associated with anyone, please make your entrees follow the rules i have a really bad pet peeve with the happening of that alot of the times.





2: The members can have either blue, green or red eyes.

3: No Brown, purple, pink, or any abnormal color of eyes.


5: Keep a close eye on the entrees, try to make your lion entree at least alot Unique meaning different from the others. 

6: spots, dorsal stripes, stars, scribbles, brindle (greyish brindle), arm rings, leg rings, tail rings, ligers, and cheeton's are accaeptable. 

7: Coat colors that are accepteable are: 

8: Eye colors that are acceptable are: 


Pride Members: (Pride members are the ones who bring in the cubs and expand the Pride)


1: Ithena - BlueStarLover


2: Bora - WarriorCatsFan23


3: Nasava - NovaCat


4: Nyarafu - LunarWolf

6: Female
7: Male

Pride Warriors: (Pride warriors back the king up when other lions enters Deep Forest territory)


1: Male

5:Lotus - RituskaSamono


Pride Hunters:

(Pride Hunters bring the food back to the pride there are two packs but each one consists of 4 hunters)

Pack 1:


1: Female

4:Junger- GreyStripeLover

Pack 2:





Pride Cubs:


1: Hondura - BlueStarLover

2: Cub
3: Cub

4: Zuri - ponygirl0316

5: Cub 

(more cubs will be added as soon as they are presented if needed.)


I cant wait to see your designs please read the rules above if you havent :D enjoy XD PLEASE REFER TO THE COAT AND THE EYE COLOR CHART ABOVE thanks... what it was just a little reminder.... V_V lol

Deadline for this contest : May 28, 2012

Members who have joined the contest :


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Entries submitted :

  • i_am_nice_by_raven_morticia.png by Ritsuka Samono (November 12, 2011)
  • nala_base_by_xkelbix_d3frxum.png by Amy Pond (November 10, 2011)
  • albino_contest_cub_zuri.png by ponygirl0316 (November 09, 2011)
  • nyarafu.png by LunarWolf2 (November 06, 2011)
  • nyarafuhead.png by LunarWolf2 (November 06, 2011)
  • kakama.jpg by wolfheart010 (November 05, 2011)
  • kari.jpg by wolfheart010 (November 05, 2011)
  • hondura.png by Bluestarlover (November 04, 2011)
  • ithena.png by Bluestarlover (November 04, 2011)
  • contest_pic.png by Moon Monster (November 02, 2011)

Last comments

February 24, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
sorry i havent been on here in a while im choosing winners now thank you everyone who put in contestants :) yes i decided to end the contest early because i havent been on here for a while and i recently just started thinking about. i will post the winners shortly

January 06, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I would like for him to be pride member 2

Name: Bora
Name Meaning: Snow in Swahili
Age: 3-4
Breed: Lion
Gender: Male
Coat: Pure white
Eyes: Bright Marichino Red
Mother: Unknown Northern Lioness
Father: Unknown Northern Rogue
Siblings: None
Mate: None (Open)
Crush: None (Open)
Cubs: None
Likes: Eze, His mother, Snow
Dislikes: Nothing much
Personality: Laid-back, Hates most new lions and lionesses
~He was born in the snowy white mountains, his mother was a Northernland Snow Lioness (My breed) and his father was a rogue Northernland Snow Lion. Snow lions have pure white pelts but their underfur can be any color, their not exactly albino's but an albino cub is rare, some Northernland Snow Lions have little white but their most common characteristic is their long fur. Anyway, he was an albino cub, with light gray underfur and pure white long fur. He had one friend, a lioness named Fureze, but when they were both one, they were playing in the snow when an avalanche happened suddenly trapping her underneath, it took him about an hour to find her still body.
~That shook him to his core, he left his mother and her pride and wandered, gradually making down off the mountains. His fur gradually thinned as he entered a mysterious forest. He ran into the leader Eze, and he let him in. He spent a year trying to prove he was loyal enough to join the royal pride members. He is waiting for the answer that will either let him in or break his soul.
Lineart © Me but the pic will take a few minutes, I have to find a suitable screenshot first.

December 17, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Belle/Hybrid I agree with Blue the wait is killin meh!

December 11, 2011
Is not currently on the site
belle- who won for Eze's mate, the waiting is killing me.

December 11, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Tokio Hotel fan!

December 09, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
yay! im glad you joined Rituska ^_^ also i wanted to know which position you are submitting her for?

December 09, 2011
usa Female Is not currently on the site

November 12, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Tokio Hotel fan!
Age:1-2 years old
Gender: female
Breed: Albino Lion
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Likes: fighting,playing rough, swimming, the shade
Dislikes: Extended periods of sunlight, heat, bullies
Personality: Lotus is fairly quiet. She is a rough and rowdy cub and loves to play.

1. The event that brought her to the pride: Her mother was shocked at the sight of an albino cub. She though her daughter was demonic so she left her to the Deep forest Albino pride to Live with those of her"Own kind"

3: Was born as an albino to two dark coloured parents. They didnt want to keep their misfit of a daughter and without a second thought dumped her With the pride.

Lineart: Raven Mortica of DA

November 10, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Belle ran from the pride crying. She was upset he hadn't loved her.... Soon she ran into someone very like her. He was white with pircing red eyes. He took her back to the pride he was the king. She wanted to be queen for power as she wanted to boss others around. So she flirted with him a bit. But then he took her in the cave and mated. She became pregnant which she had not intended one tiny bit! Oneday Eze said "Belle I have something to say" he said. The thing he said was a poem all about Belle herself. This is when she fell in love with him. This is when she became the true queen. Later on that year she gave birth to a cub with pircing red eyes but her mothers body build. Eze nuzzled her aying "You've done it Belle" over and over. Then he said "Names." She sighed not knowing then it came "How about Belleze?" she asked which was mix of Belle and Eze, he liked it and thats what they named their cub. Belle and Eze were proud of Belleze. Soon her presentation arrived. Rafiki did the presention as Eze had asked him too.
Hope this is cool :)

November 10, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Going for Ezes mate :)
Her feelings for him: She is in love. But when she first met him she wanted him for his power but she fell for him.
Bio:Belle was born in a nice pride. It was filled with kind lioness'. She was born to a rouge. The other cubs bullied her for her colourings as they weren't the same as theirs so as it was different they picked on her. She would go back to her mother crying. Her mother kept talking to the pride leaders but they did nothing as their son picked on her too.

Soon she became a fine young lioness. Her coat looked beautiful. And the kings son wanted to go out with her when she was fully grown. She accepted his first date,it made her popular and helped her relationship as the king liked her too. Belle fell in love but she didn't know he was doing so he could humiliate her. So oneday he broke up with her and said he never loved her.
more coming

November 09, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
The Albino&Royal herds
going for Eze's mate)

Name: Shakira
Age: 2
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Siblings: Amarsi
Mate: none
Crush: Eze
Crushers: unknown
Children: none
Personality: She's got a big ego, although she is sweet and sensitive. She can be rather obonoxious and loud if you get her going, but is mostly sweet and soft-spoken. She is very brave, and stands up for what she believes in.
History: Shakira, along with her little sister, Amarsi, were born in a small pride of four. Shakira was lucky, and passed by the blindness gene that was passed down through her father, although her sister wasnt so lucky. Shakira is more out-going and fierce than her little sister, the most dominant. She isnt a control freak, but wont back down if challenged.

lines (c) July261995


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