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A mate for Negasi

so my character Negasi is searching for a mate and it's your job to make him one!

So my character Negasi (nephew of Mohatu) needs a mate!




1)Don't steal designs

2)Don't make unrealistic lionesses


3) Don't say that "She's the same age as Simba and..." or "She's the real mother of Mufasa..." and other things like that

4)You can make them be parents of official characters like:

"She's the mother of Sarabi/Sarafina" since they don't have official parents you can make Negasi and your lioness be the parents


So to be entered you need to enter the picture and then send in the bio containing this:









Mate: Negasi

Cubs (Sarabi, Sarafina, etc...):

Short History (containing how they met):



1st: 2 bases, 2 avatars and an image of your character

2nd: 1 base, 1 avatar

3rd: 1 base



Deadline for this contest : January 10, 2015

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  • negasi_s_mate_amani.png by YearooTheCub54 (January 09, 2015)
  • jioni.png by Sofi (January 04, 2015)

Last comments

January 11, 2015
Uk Is not currently on the site
ok both of the lionesses were really good but I decided that the lionesses who will become Negasi's mate is... Amani! PM me about your prizes

January 10, 2015
Uk Is not currently on the site
ok picking the winner right now!

January 10, 2015
Uk Is not currently on the site
decided that I'll be finishing this contest today evening so if anyone still wants to enter better be quick!

January 09, 2015
Site Booster Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
Here's Amani. I'll PM you her bio. Base (c) Anki4444

January 05, 2015
Uk Is not currently on the site
Also Yearoo don't forget to submit your entry

January 04, 2015
Uk Is not currently on the site
I love the design and the bio :icon299: awesome job Sofi

January 04, 2015
Southafrica Is not currently on the site
Jioni was very lonely but one day one of the other cubs decided to be her friend. He was nicer than the others and wasn’t friends with them anymore. His name was Ahadi. Jioni and Ahadi became best friends.

The time came when Ahadi had to leave. Jioni was sad. She didn’t have a crush on him, but he was her only friend. After he left, Jioni tried to befriend the other lions, but they weren’t interested in being her friend. After weeks of loneliness, Jioni left the pride to look for Ahadi.

She came to The Pride Lands after searching for a while. And she found Ahadi. Not only that, but she also found that he was a husband, a father, and a leader! He allowed her to stay in the pride and she met the members. She became friends with Ahadi’s mate, Uru.

One day Jioni was hunting in a storm and slipped. The only other lion around was Uru’s cousin, Negasi. He was guarding the border and saw Jioni slip. He went to see if she was alright. Jioni had hurt her one front leg and couldn’t stand. Negasi brought her to the others and they helped her. She was grateful to Negasi for helping her, and she began to get a crush on him.

Negasi became friends with Jioni. Her crush on him grew, and one day she accidently revealed it to him by giving him a lick. She then admitted that she had a crush on him and, to her delight, Negasi said he had a crush on HER!

After a while, Negasi and Jioni became mates.

Base by me

January 04, 2015
Southafrica Is not currently on the site
Name: Jioni

Age: Young adult

Personality: She is very friendly, caring, and trustworthy. She gets embarrassed easily over things that aren’t even all that embarrassing.

Likes: Negasi, dusk, friends, cubs, pleasing others, exploring

Dislikes: Meanness, storms, embarrassment, getting hurt, scary things

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Negasi

Cubs: None yet

History: Jioni was born in another pride where there weren’t many cubs. She didn’t have any friends there. The cubs didn’t like her because she was plainer than they were. Most of them had a tuft of hair on their heads. Jioni fluffed up her head until she had a little one too. Then they cubs liked her, but she realised that if they just liked her because of her hair tuft, then they aren’t very nice. So she didn’t befriend them.

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