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A Mate For Makosa (LF)

My character is becoming extremely lonely and needs a mate ASAP.

Character Description-

  • Profile- Makosa (LF) [Or can be found in the Must See section].
  • The generation after Kovu (Disney) and Kiara (Disney).
  • Technically in line for throne but will not achieve this.
  • Image below.

Contest Rules- 

  1. Must be a female. 
  2. No sparkle characters, although they're not permitted anyway I still like to state that they are unwelcome here.
  3. RPing would definitely be required, preferably long term RP's. 
  4. Character must be in/or to be in use, meaning that images and other things will be expected of the couple.
  5. Must be unique, not the appearance so much but the history.
  6. Have fun - for obvious reasons. 


  • An image of the lioness to be sent into the contest. CAN be sent into personal images (second choice is optional).
  • A bio to be included that contains: name, relationships (family, friends etc.), TLK relation, a brief personality and a brief history. To be submitted in comments and/or PM.
  • OPTIONAL - an image of Makosa and said lioness.


  • First Place:
    - Will be Makosa's mate.
    - Will get one image request. 
  • Second Place:
    - Will get one image request and/or design request.
  • Third Place:
    - Will get one image request.

For other information you can contact me through PM or on my profile or comment below.
Thanks! :) 

Winner Announced- 

  1. In first place is Meemee
  2. In second place is Lionobsession
  3. In third place is maltathecub

Thanks everyone for all the entries and congratulations!

Deadline for this contest : September 08, 2014

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Last comments

September 15, 2014
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Hey Jess, what about the result?

September 08, 2014
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Aww...Why I haven't saw this before?!? X(

Aww, well good luck everyone. There┤s great entries here :cool:

September 01, 2014
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
I have extended the contest deadline to the 8th of September since not all people who have entered have submitted.

August 23, 2014
Is not currently on the site
I also made an image of them as adults. I hope I got Makosa's mane right!

August 23, 2014
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Jess- You can see the entry(the image of my lioness with Makosa) OR the link. But they are same characters.

August 23, 2014
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
They're all great! :)

August 22, 2014
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
Here's mine!
Name: Azi
Sex: Female:
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Crush: Makosa
Mate: Makosa
Personality: Although she had not been through any real turmoil herself, She had always been understanding of others feelings and be caring towards them, which would quite often land her in trouble. She can also be forgertful and clumsy, which makes her feel worse for others around her and even more understanding.
For most of her life, Azi had been respected by Simba and his pride: She was a member, and by far the kindest and most loyal. Most of the time, even when she was a young lioness and perfectly capable of hunting, she would stay back with the pride to take care of the cubs with the elders, due to her understanding personality making her a perfect cub sitter. However, on certain days she would still join the hunt, despite her clumsy nature which caused her to scare off prey or trip over mid sprint. The lioness appreciated her help regardless.
Most of the pride weren't sure of who her parents were, or where she came from: She'd just appeared one day, and none of the pride had questioned it.
Azi herself wasn't so sure either: She had vague memories of being given a bath by a lioness she assumed was her mother, and playing in a large lion she assumed was her father's mane, but they were all quite fuzzy. For as long as she can clearly remember, she had always been a member of the pride, and had always been doing her thing without parents.

That's just her brief bio, I'll do a more detailed one if she wins, or if you want me to ^^

August 21, 2014
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Part 2

Day by day, Makosa and Ariba grew up and and became bounded with each other. When Ariba told Vitani, that she loves Makosa, Vitani became angry, and said that Ariba would still be her daughter, but would live on her own. She then stayed some times more with Makosa. Then, one day, they became mates.
Vitai was shocked with it. She banished Ariba as her daughter (But secretly, she was happy).
But others except Kovu and Nala were very abgry, that a trustful and pretty lioness would marry a lion like Makosa. But Ariba didn't care. She and Makosa are planning to have a pride on their own(if possible)
- Ariba(c)me
- Base(c)disney
Relation to TLK: Adopted daughter of Vitani

August 21, 2014
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Name: Ariba(Pronounced Aa-ree-baa)
Meaning: 'The prettiest and the cutest one' in bengali
Age: Depends on use
Nicknames: Arib, Ari
Parents: Unknown
Adoptable parent: Vitani
Siblings: None
Adoptable siblings: Tuser(c)me
Crush: Makosa
Mate: Makosa
Cubs: None yet
Personality: Ariba is a pretty, smart, brave and friendly lioness. Dhe is very caring to her friends, adoptable mother and sister and would do anything for them. She loves Makosa do much that she would do anything to protect him, even if her own life is at stake.
Likes: Friends, playing, sleeping, Vitani, Tuser, Makosa
Dislikes: Hunting lessons, when someone becomes angry or disbelieves her.
Friends: Makosa, Tuser and others
Ariba's parents are unknown. When she was a baby, Vitani and Tuser(at age of cub) found her on the outlands, that is after Vitani joined Simba's pride. Seeing her cuteness Vitani liked her and began to adopt her as her own mother.
Ariba played with all the other cubs and her life was going well. But she heard about a cub named Makosa who was alone and wasn't finding anyone to play with. But she was warned not to play with him. But Ariba liked Makosa, and played with him secretly. Kovu and Nala knew this, but didn't say anything.
As Makosa was very lonely, so it's not bad to have a friend. Besides, they too, liked Ariba and expected her to be the future mate of Makosa.

August 21, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Here's my entry! Here's her basic bio and I'll PM you her history!
Name: Aibu
Meaning: Shy in Swahili
Parents: Unknown, but her grandmother is Kula
Friends: None
TLK relation: Grandmother: Kula Father in Law: Kovu Mother in Law: Nala
Personality: Shy, timid, quiet, unnoticeable, fearful, lonely

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