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Cub for Majda

so Majda is one of the most important characters in The Pride of Darkness and so she has a cub in it and why should I design him/her if I can give the job to you!

So here's Majda (Scar's granddaughter)    

and so as the comic will go on a strange lion will appear. 

The lion decides to leave their pride after discovering Majda being pregnant. So Majda needs to take care of her cub on her own. 



1) Make them look like their parents in some way


2) Don't steal designs

3) You can make more than 1 cub but you can't make more than 3

4) if you use a base please credit the owner

5) Your cub/s can't know who their father is

6) Your cub/cubs can be born at different times but then you'll need to create another mate yourself


Majda became pregnant from Enzi (the strange lion) and gets a cub (Example: Chui)

Later when (Example: Chui) became a teen Majda became pregnant from (Example: Jaali) and gave birth to (Example: Kamaria) 

But remember that you'll need to send in the lion with the cubs 

Fill in this and PM it to me




Place in the pride (when becomes an adult):





1st: 3 bases (You'll need to PM me the screenshots that you want me to make as bases), an image of them all (once you put them up) and an avatar with one of your characters

2nd: 2 bases and an avatar of your character

3rd: 2 bases

Deadline for this contest : January 22, 2015

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  • nu_january_18_2015_19_30.png by Chocolateboy (January 18, 2015)
  • elsa_and_moki.png by Maltathecub (January 18, 2015)
  • contestcub.png by austin.max246 (January 17, 2015)


January 14, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Does that mean, we gave to send a bio, too? And can I make two cubs for Majda and Enzi, twins?

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