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Taji ( sbb456)

taji ( sbb456)


Created by : strawberrybubble456

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail taji ( sbb456)

name : taji ( meaning "crown" in hindi )

parents : goma and unknown

siblings : adia 

mate : jaha

cubs : mansa , sefu and zuberi 

likes : his family , sleeping in the sun and causing trouble

dislikes : when adia tries to tell him what to do , his great grandfather and anyone hurting his family

personality : taji is a family man there's nothing he loves to do more then spend time with his family he loves his sister very much and will defend her with his life he loves his grandmother the most and will sometimes be seen with her hearing her stories.

bio : Taji and his sister Adia were the result of their mother Goma mating with a rouge when she was in heat when it was time for her to birth them she left the pride and didn't return for several days during that time she gave birth to taji and adia.

Taji was the eldest of the two and also the biggest he often used his size to bully Adia to get his way that was untill Adia started fighting back when Taji and Adia were three weeks old Goma decided to bring her cubs back to Priderock to meet the rest of the pride.

to say the pride ws shocked was an undertatment they had no idea what to make of the two new arrivals but no one was more shocked then Goma's parents Hami and Asali and Goma's sister Nyra.

eventually the pride got over their shock and welcomed Taji and Adia into the pride Taji was a friendly cub and made friends with the other cubs in the pride rather fast unlike his sister who was treated like an out cast by the other cubs.

when Taji and Adia were teens a strange young lioness around their age and her parents visted the pride Goma explained to them that the lioness who's name was Jaha was the princess of a pride that lived on the other side of the mountins and her parents were the king and queen of this pride.

Taji was fascinated by the princess and tried to spend as much time with her as he could unforuntly that's when he found out why she had come to the pride in the first place she had been enaged to marry his cousin in order to establish an alliance between the pridelands and her pride the valley pride.

Taji was heartbroken beyond understanding he hid himself away from his family and the rest of the pride for several days however when Jaha's wedding day finally arrived the princess was missing the pride was in a panic and a group of lionesses were sent to look for her without the pride knowing taji went looking for her himself.

he eventually found her in a clearing when he came up to her he asked her why she had ran off on her wedding day it was then that she told him she couldn't go through with it because she had fallen in love with someone else when he asked her who she looked at him and told him she was in love with him.

to say he was shocked was an understatment but he knew they couldn't become mates however he manged to get her to come back to priderock with him when they got back they found out that Jaha's intended diceded not to go through with the wedding when asked why he didn't say.

Taji and Jaha eventually became mates and were crowned king and queen of the valley pride a year after they were married they found out Jaha was with child and a few months later jaha gave birth to a litter of three male cubs : their oldest son Mansa , their second oldest son Sefu and their youngest son Zuberi.

related to tlk : great grandson to scar and sarafina his grandmother asali is also the adopted sister to malka

base : sixnewadventures and happystool


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let’s go lesbians!
I don't mean to get your character taken down, but unless you start following my rules you can expect some of them to be deactivated so please start following them


December 30, 2014
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Thank you both Illove him to little bits

December 30, 2014
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you did an awesome job on him :icon299:

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Ha, I didn't even realize he was up yet :p He's great, bubble! *faves*

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