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Shani -sn-

shani -sn-


Created by : simplynala

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail shani -sn-

name: shani

name meaning: crimson, marvel, wondrous

age: depends on use

parents: simba & nala

siblings: kiara (older twin) & tanabi (younger brother)

crush: kovu

mate: kovu


personality: as a cub, shani was a very shy individual, who would only cling to her mother and not interact with other cubs, excluding her twin sister. however, as she progressed, shani began to come out of her shell more -from the help of kiara and nala- and opened up more, eventually leading her to be a little more outgoing, though she still tends to be shy.

shani is also very caring and considerate of others. if she sees anyone in pain or distress, she'll immediately drop everything to help them in what way she can. members of the pride usually go to shani for advice or help if they're in trouble.

history: unexpectedly born ten minutes after her twin sister, kiara, shani was a happy surprise to nala and simba. rafiki told the new parents that shani must've hid behind kiara during nala's pregnancy.

as the twin girls grew up, their parents told them that kiara was heir due to her being older than shani. not being queen upset shani slightly, but she never dared show it in front of her parents. kiara quickly caught onto shani being jealous of not being queen, and started to tease her twin over it. she soon stopped when she realised the hurt she was causing shani. apart from that mishap, the girls were as thick as thieves.

when kiara started her lessons about being queen, shani was very lonely, because her and kiara were very close. sensing her daughter's loneliness, nala decided to teach shani to hunt. this was the time that shani became very close with her mother as well as her sister.

after the war between the pridelanders and outlanders ended, shani was able to get to know her future brother-in-law, kovu, a little better. the two spent a lot of time together, and discovered that they had so much in common. it wasn't very long before shani developed feelings for the other lion, and so did kovu.

shani got the courage to confess to kovu months later, and he confessed right back. they waited a few days to tell the pride, and to say they were all shocked, would be a dramatic understatement.

simba and nala were upset for kiara, but otherwise, they were happy for shani. understandably, kiara was furious. she attacked her sister in a fit of rage and left the pridelands, without telling anyone where she was going.

because kiara had left the pridelands, shani had to step up and become queen, much to her delight. she chose kovu as her mate, and the two were soon married.

soon after kovu and shani mated, kiara returned with a surprising lion in tow, nuka. they told kovu and shani that they too, had fallen in love. shani was happy that kiara had found happiness, and they could finally be sisters again.

shani later found out that she was pregnant with kovu's cub. the two were overjoyed at the news that they were going to be parents. months flew by, and their beautiful cubs arrived. shani and kovu were blessed with a little boy, and a little girl.

kiara also had a cub, a little boy. shani and kiara also became big sisters to a little boy tanabi.

everything was going amazingly for the pride, and everyone was as happy as they'd ever been.

but, it never lasts.

relation to TLK: daughter of simba & nala, kiara's twin sister, and kovu's mate.

bases: head & body base are by amykirkland on deviantart

credits: shani, her cubs, tanabi, and kiara's cub belong to me. everyone else belongs to disney.


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@waywardangel thank you so much! i used to be on here a few years ago (like i said in my bio) and i feel like my writing skills have improved drastically, so actually hearing it from someone makes me feel great!

May 22, 2019
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I love her Bio, your story is so dramatic ! i love it x

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