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Created by : Txmistavetra

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail kavak

Name: Kavak
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Mate: N/A 
Love intrest: N/A
Parents: ?
Siblings: ?
Other kin: ?


Not much is know about Kavak as he doesn't speak to much about it, all is known is that he came from another pride outside of 'Pride lands' and went exploring for a better suited life style for himself.
Rumours say that he was apart of a pride with multiple 'murderous' intentioned lions, causing him to flee as he didn't agree with their way of life - some even said he contriputed to the prides murders though nothing has come up confirming any of these rumours.

Kavak lives happily within the 'Pride lands' looking after the cubs - he is content with life and wishes nothing more but for it to continue as it is - 
Though he does hope that one day he'll have a family of his own and look after his own cub with a mate.


+ Out going | extroverted:
Kavak is a very outgoing lion who, despite his intimidating pelt colours and size, he is more than welcoming to all animals of all kinds.
The male lion strives in social interactions, hes a social butterfly and it's hard to get him away from a group - any time he is a lone is when he's focused on a job, looking after the cubs and or when something is wrong.

+ Optimistic:
Nothing seems to get the lion down, or in too low spirits, He'll see the silver lining in all stroms no matter how dark the future seems.
Kavak seems to help brighten the mood when its low and is usually the backbone in supporting those who are easily affected by negitive situations, he'll always seem to be by the sides of those who need sheering up or some support.
A good lion to go to when you have a problem and don't want to affect someone elses mood because of your own.

+ Humours
Again, despite the lions intimidating look the male lion is everything but, he cracks jokes here and there to lighten the mood or contribute to a conversation.
Of coarse there is always a time and place and this trait won't show itself in seriouse matters and where it isn't needed, it'll only show when it is needed, such as light low moods and bright situations.

= Intimidating:
The lion acts nothing like his intimidating look - his dark colours and the red whites of his eyes only add to his looks - not to mention he is unusually large next to other male lions.
Kaval usually hates how his apperance can easily scare away others at first glance, though usually they get used to it and will come to know that Kaval is a kind lion, though Kaval also uses his intimidating look to his advantage to scare away any vile intentioned creature.

= Protective:
Due to his role in the 'Pride lands' he has learned to become protective over those he cares about - sometimes it is much needed and he has helped out multiple animals and come to their aid when needed, though sometimes his protective side can become annoying as he continued to be protective over animals when they have grown and learned to defend themselves.
Though he usually relised when to stop and does, only few suffer from his protection forever.

= Lax:
The large lion isn't strict or a stuck up, he'll let actions that break the rules slide sometimes and depending on how low the broken rule was.
He helps cubs hide from parents when they have gotten into a sticky situation and taught cubs how to fight (Ofc only play fight but helpful for when they are adults and getting into battles), He also laid back and doesn't get to angry or paniced in situations.
Though this trait can vary due to situations and the individual - he can become strict with certain cubs/lions and become paniced and angry depending on multiple elements.

- Loud:
Kavak has a hard time controlling the volume of his voice, usually his louder than the usual voice is okay - in normal situations his loud voice is almost conforting because its speaks saftey.
Kavak doesn't mean to be loud - its natural for him so when the loudness of his voice isn't needed such as in dangerouse situations where quiet is needed, he shuts his mouth and doesn't utter a word - he has 100% awarness his voice is loud and knows when and when not to speak.

- Big eater:
Due to his size its pretty much self explanatory but the big lion eats quite a lot, more than an avarage male lion.
This can cause others to accidently miss out on a mean because they went after the male lion, others seem to make sure to have their fill before sharing their mean with Kavak which he understands - he usualy hunts for himself or offers to eat last.
Though sometimes the large lion also misses out on a meal because he insists on others to eat before him causing the food to decrease every time he goes a turn less.

- TBA  


Kingdom:  Pride Rock
Occupation: Cub protector
( Kavak makes sure the cubs too younge to adventure out of the caves but too old to sit still stay safe, meaning he entertains them enough that they don't want to venture too far, yet focused enough to fight off any threats to the cubs.)

Dream occupation:  To be a dad.
( Kavak wishes to have a family of his own one day)

+ Spending time with cubs, entertaining others and making animals laugh.
+ Warm summer days, hates when it starts to get a little chillie.
+ Hunting - particularly likes Elk meat.
- Too of a pessimistic animal - though will always try helpng them see the good.
- Dangerouse threats - anyone who has ill intentions or intentions that have malicious intent.
- Water - hates his fur getting wet and sticking to his body, always hates the cold.


TLK Relations: 

Simba - 
The two get along quite well due to the fact that Kavak does look out for Simba's son Kion and even their older daughta kiara.

Nala - Friends
The two get long for the same reason he does with simba.

Kion -  Buddies
Kavak can intervene in Kion's and friends plans though only when its too risky, Kion knows that Kavak has good intentions - Kion seems to also get help from Kavak in situations that need bigger paws yet are to silly for kion's reletives to get in on.

Kiara -  Older borther figure
Despite not being blood reletives nor interacting too much, The young lioness sees the older lion as an older brother due to how he is always looking out for her - Kavak sees Kiara as a little sister too.

Denzil (Fan character) - Guardian
Denzil and Kavak doesn't interact too much and when they do its short and akward - well for Denzil it is.
The two don't interact a lot since the cub sticks to his mother and doesn't get into any dangerouse situations that need stopping and when he is in those situation his mother is always there to stop it.


All art of Kavak can be found in the link below in my!
( is a site for storing all characterfor users)


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