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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

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Detail Zula(SF)

Designed by Smash! Thankyou so much!:)

Name: Zula(Meaning Brilliant and ahead)

Breed: African Lion

Gender: Female

Parents: Kondo(c)Me and Nyonda(c)Sierra

Siblings: Kyon(c)Sierra and Kyne(c)Me

Grandparents Father’s side: Ni, Zira and Scar

Grandparents Mother’s side: Simba and Nala

Aunts: Kiara and Vitani

Uncles: Nuka and Kovu

Personality: Zula is sweet, shy at times when meeting new people but she will open up eventually. She is a daddy’s girl but also can be a mommy’s girl as well. She can show that shes not afriad of anything. Zula has a temper like her aunt Kiara and grandfather Simba. Zula will only do things her way and not how someone else wants her too. She will keep her feelings to herself if need be she will express her own feelings towards others.

Likes: Her Family, stories about the pridelands, sunny days

Dislikes: Getting into trouble, getting wet, danger

Realation To TLK: Granddaughter of Ni, Simba, Nala, Zira and Scar


History: Zula was born to Kondo and Nyonda as a surprise cub they werent planning on having any more cubs because their previous cubs were already grown up they loved her dearly and she was loved by her older sister and older brother. Zula would sometimes get into a lot of trouble and would have to be taught a lesson by her father or mother to not get into trouble she had apologized and never got into trouble. 

Soon Zula became a teen and acted somewhat like Nyonda when Nyonda was her age and Zula was becoming a more mature lioness than she was as a cub. 

A month later Zula was fully grown and was being trained to become one of the best huntresses in the pride hoping to make her parents proud of her. 

To  Sierra  I hope you don’t mind Kondo and Nyonda having another cub if you have any ideas for this character I would like to here them:)


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February 13, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Ok might change her looks dont know though and maybe you could name him Tahir?

February 13, 2019
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
She’s great I will have my other cub up very soon. Just gotta render him and give him a name

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