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Zamrez (S15)

Zamrez (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Zamrez (S15)

Name: Zamrez.

Name Meaning/Origin: Islam; It means "Lion, Brave".

Gender: Male.

Age: 3-4 years (young adult), also shares Kovu, Kion, and Kiara's generation.

Parent(s): Hafisa (adoptive mother).

Sibling(s): Taara, Raahi, and Caio (half siblings).

Crush(es): Pendo.

Mate(s): Pendo.

Cub(s): ----

Pride(s): Pride Rock.

Status(es): None, just a regular Pride-Lander.

Personality: Brave, intelligent, loving, kind, respectful, caring, supportive, understanding, very confident, laid-back, humorous, open minded (in a good way), and explorer (loves to venture out to new places or areas).

Bio: Zamrez was not born at Pride Rock. He was actually born outside of the Pride Lands. His mother was a young, single parent and pregnant by surprise. She was not ready to have the huge responsiblity of taking care of a cub. His father also was not intrested since he never showed up at the birth nor came to check up on his mother's well-being either. So instead, Zamrez's mother left her son out in the open plains abandoning him and never did changed her mind nor returned for him.

That same exact day at mindnight, King Simba's hunting party was out hunting. One of the huntresses had smelled an unfamiliar scent and also heard a loud cub's cry. Her insticts naturally lead her to the direction and there, she have found little Zamrez alone, cold, hungry, and scared. She could'nt just leave him there to die, so she took him by the scruff and hurried back to her fellow huntress-sisters to show what she has found. All the ladies squealed and "awed" at the adorable baby Zamrez. They all agreed to take him to King Simba and Queen Nala to see what should be done.

King Simba ordered the huntress who've found Zamrez to raise him along with her own litter of cubs, since she is indeed a new mom too. But a mom who adores cubs! So she did just that, taking Zamrez in as her own. She named him Zamrez because he appeared to be 'brave.' Growing up at Pride Rock, Zamrez have made tons of friends with the other cubs there his same exact age. He's even friends with the King and Queen's cubs "Kiara" and "Kion". It was sort of set for Kiara to be bethroted to Zamrez in beginning, but things got rearranged since Zamrez has his eyes more set on another Pride Lander lioness named, "Pendo".

Pendo and Zamrez have developed a more closer bond across the years and have similar ideas than he did with Kiara. But the feelings did not come out right away since at the previous time, Pendo was mates with another male named "Tamu". Things have started out well between the two until Tamu has met another lioness falling in love with her and crushing Pendo's heart. That was the perfect time for Zamrez to make his move on his childhood friend and he did without any questions.

Kiara was never hurt of the choice since she had her eyes more focused on Kovu anyway. So it was okay which means no one had fought and was on good terms. Kiara wanted to see both of her friends happy together, which they are because in the future Zamrez becomes mates with the beautiful Pendo in the end.


Base(s): BlackArtKitty(C), DA.

Pendo: Sierra(C).

Tamu: Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): Was originally bethroted to Kiara, was raised at Pride Rock, a current member of Pride Rock, his adoptive mother is a Pride Lander/ huntress there.



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