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Zahara (S15)

Zahara (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Zahara (S15)

(Note: Her design has been updated as of August 21st credit by user 'Sierra' :D).

Name: Zahara.

Origin/Meaning: Swahili; It means to shine, flower.

Gender: Lioness.

Age: Young-Adult.

Parent(s): Inira.

Sibling(s): Ask in a pm if you want to create one.

Friend(s): Vitani, Tamu, Kani (Spotty), Nakato (Dotty), and Kheri.

Crushes: Kheri (being developed).

Mate(s): Kovu (by birth--bethrothed), Kheri (possibly-not yet decided).

Cub(s): Amana and Seb (By Kovu--unexpectedly).

Pride(s): Zira's Pride (Out-Lands) Born and raised, currently lives there. She did not wish to join Kovu and the others at Pride-Rock.

Status: Still an Out-Lander.

Personality: Observant, adventurous, daring, friendly to some, shows flirtatious actions at Kovu, protective over her daughter, very senstitve, full of emotions at times, shows some kindness and warmth, very aggressive towards Kovu and the Pride-Landers.

Bio: Zahara is the daughter of Inira and also bethrothed to Kovu (at a young age), which makes her future Queen of the Out-Lands. Growing up living in the Out-Lands was of course harsh and hard times. There was little food and water to drink, not much have to have or do around. It was boring waste-land filled with dust and termites. But as a cub, Zahara had found multiple of ways to keep herself well-entertained by playing with the other outsider cubs. Those cubs are Vitani (Zira's daughter, Kovu's sister), Kovu (the future King), Kheri (Jata's son), Tamu (Najuma's son), Kani and Nakato (Aza's twin daughters, Spotty and Dotty). The group often wrestled each other or play other random games that came to mind.

But Zahara was mainly close to Kovu. It was set when they were born to become bethrothed becoming mates someday ruling the Out-Lands and later together take over the Pride-Lands. But for now, the two cubs enjoy being playful best friends going on troubling adventures. One day, Zahara had overheard Zira telling Kovu to never go into the Pride Lands again and to never play with Simba's daughter, the Princess again. Zahara was stunned that Kovu would even chose the Princess over her as a play-mate which made since why he was never around or bothered to play with any of her games. She knew something was up and to find out that it was because of the Princess had hurt Zahara's heart.

Eventually though as time went on, Kovu's small feelings and hopes of seeing Princess Kiara had faded. He becomes attached again to Zahara the more they grew older until teens and soon into young adults. Zira's plan was working out smoothly, she wanted Kovu to be with Zahara because that meant it will help him stay focused on his true task into becoming King to get rid of Simba. Zira knew Zahara will follow up and keep Kovu in-tact with his duties. But of course it did not stay that way for long, when Kovu and Kiara had later reuntied once again during the fire plan. Zahara was left twice and it filled her heart with hatred. She gave up on trying to have a relationship with Kovu and was done.

But little did everyone know, she was expecting 2 little buddles of joy with Kovu and that was their daughter "Amana" and son "Seb". Zahara did not give birth to the cubs until after the battle between Zira and Simba; when the outsiders joined Pride-Rock. Zahara did not join because she'd thought it would be awakard to be around Kovu and Kiara's relationship knowing that she has his children. Kovu knows nothing of his cubs exsistence yet and Zahara will remain keeping it as a secret until it is time. She continues living her adult life in the Out-Lands with new other lions raising Amana and Seb.


Bases: Indeh-Bases (C), (Deviant Art).

Amana, Inira, Najuma, Kani, Nakato, Kheri, Tamu: Me(C).

Seb: Rainbowbandit (C).

TLk Relation(s): Bethrothed to Kovu, has a daughter by Kovu, lives in the Out-Lands, Future Queen of the Out-lands, best friends with Vitani.




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