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Yara (S15)

Yara (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Yara (S15)

Name: Yara.

Name Meaning/Origin: It means, "Beautiful Butterfly" in Arabic.

Gender: Lioness.

Parent(s): ----

Sibling(s): -----

Crushe(s): -----

Mate(s): Kadir's father (her first 'fling' ).

Cub(s): Kadir.

Pride(s): Western High Lands.

Pride Rank(s): Shaman; She is the healer of the pride. She use herbs, concoctions, and poultice to heal wounds, illness and diseases. She can also commune with the spirits and is the secondary advisor to the pride's two leaders.

Bio/Personality: Yara is the Western High Lands current shaman. She is childhood friends with the pride's two leaders "Kimoni" and "Chinua" and Kimoni's mate "Semira". Before Yara became the pride's shaman, she was not living there. She was from another neighborhood pride close by and always visited the Western High Lands pride to play with her friends who lived there. Yara joined when she became an adult because, Kimoni knew how really good her 'healing' skills are and figured she can be an excellent use in his pride. Plus, that is also where she had met her only cub's father. She wanted to raise her cub there, not her birth pride.

Yara is known best in the Western High Lands as very sweet, soft spoken, gentle, warm-hearted, caring, super friendly, a very responsible mother and shaman, and highly confident. She does her best training her son Kadir about the life of a shaman and how the work is done. Sometimes she will invite Kadir to her shaman meetings with the other shaman's across the savannah, so he can listen and learn more about the different tasks and who the other shaman's are from different areas/prides. Kadir was even lucky enough to meet Rafiki, the current shaman of Pride Rock. Rafiki was very kind to offer his wise advice to little Kadir about being a shaman and inviting him to his famous tree to see all of his work and materials. Of course Yara is fine with Kadir going and loved the idea of Rafiki spreading wisdom on the little cub. Rafiki motivated him even more.

She was very proud and impressed of her son one day when he helped out a friend by curing her small a injury on her leg. Kadir knew what to do without seeking for his mother and that is what amazed her the most. He earned not just his mother's trust in being a shaman, but everyone else in the entire pride. That is when Yara knows that her son is prepared.


Base(s):MaishaBases(C), DA.

Kadir, Kimoni, Chinua, Western High Lands: Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): Attends shaman meetings along with Rafiki, sometimes visit Rafiki's tree to bring or pick up Kadir.



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