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Wivu (MM)

Wivu (MM)


Created by : MoonMonster

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Wivu (MM)

Basic Info:

Name: Wivu

Name Meaning: 'Envy' in Swahili

Gender: Male

Age: Depends on how he is used


Parents: Deceased; Killed by Scar

Siblings: Taba, Adria (Younger Sisters; He is the oldest) Any more are Open

Any other relations: Distantly related to Mufasa, though unknown how

Crush: Vitani (Any others open)

Crushes on him: None (Open)

Mate: None (Open)

Cubs: None (Open once he has a mate)

Friends: Kovu, Simba, Vitani (Open for others)

Other Info:

Apperance: Wivu was born with a small tuft of black on his head, which turned out to be his mane. He also was born with blue eyes but changed to brown strangely when he got older, he has black ears and nose; a dark brown muzzle, under belly, and around his eyes. Most of his fur is a light-ish brown. His tail tip is the same color as his mane; black. As a young adult his mane is as thick as Kovu's, and it stays this way.  His paws are also a dark brown color. He looks like a mix of Kovu, Nuka, and Scar.

Personality: Wivu is usually very grumpy as a teen-adult, but, however, it was like he was a different lion as a cub. He was playful, as most cubs are, and he was never, ever angry at anyone, no matter what they did to him. He was very forgiving. He was always smiling or having a curious look on his face. But, when he became a teen and his parents died, he changed. He never smiled. He was always grumpy. The only thing that could ever make him happy was his sister, Taba.

Likes: Taba, Adria, Vitani, Kovu, Simba, running, playing

Dislikes: Kupa, Scar, being called a coward


Wivu was born in a pride far away from the Pridelands. He was the oldest of three cubs. His two sisters were born when he was a few months old. He loved his siblings more than he loved his own life. He swore to protect them no matter what. One day a hige blizzard came, and all the prey they hunted for froze to death. Wivu, his sisters, and their parents left to find help. They travled for many hours until they came across the PrideLands. At this time, Wivu was a young teen and Scar was ruling the Pridelands. Scar attacked his parents and accused them of trasspassing. He killed them and turned to attack him and his sisters. Wivu tried to defend them, but Scar would have killed them if Sarafina hadn't stepped in. Sarafina decided to raise the cubs herself, and she adopted them. Since then Wivu has hated Scar and became grumpy. The only time he smies was when his sister Taba spoke to him. But then one day Taba stopped seeing him so much. He found out that she had become friends with Scar's former heir, Kupa. This made him very mad and frobid her from seeing him. Despite this, Taba still went out to visit him. Wibu didn't find  this out until they were fully grown and Simba had already taken over Pride Rock. They eventually became mates. When Wivu found this out he was furious, but decided to allow it. Since then he has hated and despised Kupa wih a passion. When he sees him he becomes angry and goes away. Slowly but surely, he is learning to stand him when he is present, for the sake if they have cubs one day.

Relation to TLK: Parents killed by Scar; Distantly somehow related to Mufasa; has a crush on Vitani; Was in Scar's and Simba's pride

Base Credits: Head-shot: Animals369 on DA; Body-shot QuinnBases on DA

Adopted from Michael Jackson


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