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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Vurugu

Name (Full) 
Vurugu (meaning 'violent')

Female (cow)

Shown as an adult (cow crocodile) during events of Isu Keeney story.
Born during Mufasa's reign.

Type (of animal)
African crocodile

Current Rank Status (in Float)
Originally was one of the most dominant crocodiles in the Pridelands/Outlands.
Became dominant mother of her last broods during her imprisonment.


Big, powerful and scaly - much like other crocodiles, only seemingly darker in colour. She has like other crocodiles rows of sticking out teeth. Her eyes are pale (see 'Distinctive Characteristics')

Predominately dark green with darker scales and a lighter underbelly

Distinctive Characteristics
- Her large size.
- She had some scars (specifically three on her face and one on her left hind leg)
- Her eyes are pale and have no pupils to be seen - this is probably due to being underground for so long.


She wants the bare necessities of life. She is  voracious eater - not eating enough can make her terribly angry.

Simple things; food; peace and quiet; safety

Being hungry; overcrowding

Musical/Instrumental Theme
African Rattle



 Friends and Relations 
Several offspring

Enemy crocodiles

Relationships with Other Animals
She makes her presence known among other corcodiles - they keep out of her way. She prefers her own space and a large space at that.



Born during Mufasa's reign and growing up during Scar's, Vurugu is an ancient beast and mother of many crocs, including those that dwelt in the river that acted as a border between the Pridelands and Outlands (see The Lion King II).

Vurugu's old river home became overcrowded during Simba's time as ruler (probably due to the animals returning to the restored and replentished Pridelands). This overcorwding sorted itself out but for a bit but kept returning time and again. Vurugu bore it for a long time but as she aged, it annoyed her greatly, more and more.

So, during King Kovu's reign, Vurugu went in search of a more private area to build her nest and lay her eggs.
She followed the main Prideland river - on this she found a practically untouched slipstream and going down this, she eventually entered a quiet underground  river. It came to a dead end with steep sides and a high, open ceiling. Choosing this place as her new home, Vurugu made her nest on a low ledge and laid her eggs.
What she did not know is that this underground kingdom was home to Lagiza the Weaver and his Tribe - and after finding out that she was nesting there, the cunning lion started to make plans to trap Vurugu.

Summoning his lions Lagiza ordered them to imprison Vurugu in the river caves by blocking the river with rocks from the cave. The plan worked and despite Vurugu making an initial uproar  of the whole thing (leading to Lagiza giving the big crocodile cow several scars), she soon became the tribe's "pet". They used her to threaten - and when needed, eat - their enemies, feeding her and her young.

The only time the underground lions ever unblocked the river was when Vurugu's children got too big. Then they would open the caves for the grown up young crocodiles to leave. Vurugu would probably have left too but she had become slow with age - and perhaps she was happy in this dark, fairly secluded place, where she was left alone except for when she was fed by Lagiza's minions or when Lagiza brought some prisoner to dangle over her water pool to break them. Yes, she could live out her life this way . . .
One day however, the food stopped coming. 

For several days, weeks, going into months, Vurugu ate nothing but small fish and drowned rats. The underground lions appeared to have gone, just like that. Luckily the female crocodile could survive for ages on very little. Still, she became sluggish and irritated. 

Finally, a lion came back - Lagiza himself, alone. Vurugu attacked him at first sight, so hungry and seething was she. She failed to catch the lion and only received more scars.

Lagiza fed Vurugu again, alone. He alone fed Vurugu, not as much as she used to get when there were more lions but enough to keep her happy.

And then the prisoner-threatening started again, when Lagiza brought to Vurugu's pit a little cub called Roscoe . . . 



Relation to the Lion King Universe:
She is the mother of many hatchlings, some of which were the crocodiles featured in the Lion King II (and some in Makuu's float - Kiburi is rumoured to be her relative); she is the enemy of the Pridelanders, Outlanders and the Isu Keeney (allies of the Pridelanders).


Note: Adopted from Pawface! :)



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Thank you, Wild!

March 19, 2020
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The mighty Vurugu! You did a fantastic job with her bio, Wind! :)

March 18, 2020
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Thanks so much, Paw, especially for giving her to me! She makes a cool character part in the storyline!

March 18, 2020
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Oh, wow you did such a good job on Vurugu's bio o.O and the pose is seriously cool! Really like how you describe everything in her story as well as her appearance. :)

Thank you so much for adopting and looking after her!!

March 17, 2020
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Thanks, Wild - much appreciated!

March 17, 2020
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Kiburi Baaydaye
Such a cool concept for a character, I love her :NalaHeart:

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