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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Vladimir.

"I want to be the best king i can be, and treat everyone as equals."

Name: Vladimir

Titles/Nickname(s): Drac(by his parent), Crown Prince(by the pride) Vlad(by his friends)

Meaning: Slavic in origin, means of great power

Gender: Male

Parents: Vashkartzen X Sapphira///Nida(step mom sorta, he hates her)

Siblings: Kivonce(thought to be his half brother, in reality they are full blood twins)

Aunts: Tama & Esme

Cousins: Hatisay

Mate(s): Desona(is his bethrothed)

Cubs: none (currently)

Personality: Vlad is much like his mother in the fact he will put other sbefore himself, and he is always going out of his way to help anyone that needs it. Hes a down to earth lion who hates to fight unless its absolutly neccessary. He believes that to get what you want, you must work hard and perservere since taking something that is not rightfully yours is wrong. that is why he despises Nida so much, she took the Queenship and does not deserve it. He hates cowards, much like his father he believes in justice and is honest without a fault, he is a huge mama's boy deep down and will do whatever to whoever to make sure she stays safe. 

History:Born to Vash and Sapphira, as a twin and not knowing it. He was raised by his mother and his father. His birth was extremely hard on Sapphira and she had to go away before she gave birth for some quiet and Vash had to remain behind as Nida was going with his mother to help her give birth. What happened was the opposite, no one knew Nida was craving and heir so when Sapphira gave birth she gave birth to twins, and never knew it as she kept going in and out of conciousness so Nida stole her lighter son and let her keep the one that resembled her and Vash the most hiding the cub elsewhere. Sapphira woke with one cub and Nida gone, when Nida returned she returned with a cub identicle to her and Vash whom she called "Kivonce" and she said he was her and Vashs.

Sapphira was shocked but let it slide and concentarted on her son Vlad, Vash did not pay attention much to Kivonce and instead promised Vlad when he was older, he would be king as he had alot of the qualities that Vash himself had. As Vlad and Kivo got older the two started to hate each other more, Kivonce hated his half brother because his father was always with them and as a result started being rude to Sapphira blaming her. But Vlad did not allow that, he went straight to his father and Vash had a talk with his other son and the name calling and rudness stopped for the time being. And Vlad hated Nida with a passion for trying to take his father away from his mother and because of the way she treated other people and acted like she was better than them. 

Vlad had no idea why his half brother hated him so and took confort in Desona, the daughter of Kula and Malka and his best friend and bethrothed. She was also best friends with his cousin Hatisay. So they would always be around each other. But when Tama and Hatisay left, Desona did also and even though she would come visit things were becoming even more tense as time went on and the two sons of Vash reached the age where he would tell them who would be the crown prince and next king, Vash chose Vlad instead of his brother and in anger Kivonce left for the time.

When it came time for his accenssion, everyone was excited and even Desona made it a point to come watch the lion she loved become king. But just as he was about to start. Kivonce appeared out of nowhere and attacked him and Vlad fought for his life and just as they were about to take steps, no one wanted Nida came forth and stopped the two admitted she had stolen Kivonce from Sapphira and that he and Vlad were twins. Vlad was in a state of shock as was his parents. Nida had stolen their cub, his twin and turned him against them. KIvonce wanted to leave the pride but Vash and Vlad mananaged to convince him to stay and they would both be leaders with Vlad taking the title of King, and Kivonce taking the title Commander of the prides royal guard as Vash trusted no one but his brother to have his back and protect the pride, and he cannot wait to get to know his brother, not as what Nida turned him into but as the lion hes meant to be. 

How related to tlk: Tama's Nephew, his crush is the daughter of Malka & Kula
Design & given to me by therainbowbandit


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Yay I’m so happy he’s up ^^

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He’s handsome! :icon78:

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