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Created by : Tripgirl2

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

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Detail Vita(TG2)

Name: Vita

meaning: “war”- Swahili

gender: male

age: adult

Parents: Kufa and Rehani

siblings: 2 unnamed cubs, died at birth

mate: none

cubs: Kisasi (adopted, allegedly)

enemies: Sefu, king of Western Pride

likes: power, being in charge, when lions listen to him without questioning, his son, fighting, his intelligence 

dislikes: disobedience or insurrection of any kind, when Kisasi  gets an attitude or is weak, Sefu, any lion who insults him

personality: severe narcissist, highly intelligent but very cold and impersonal, despite not being the strongest, he prides himself on his prowess as a warlord

history: Vita was born to the leader of a war focused pride(more like a band of soldiers than a true family/pride unit) and one of his many mistresses he had in order to sire as many male heirs as possible. Vita was the only surviving cub of the litter, but was always lanky and on the smaller end of the scale due to inadequate food and brutal physical training. He was raised to be a warlord, showing little emotion and no care for others except for blind obedience. After arguing an order, Kufa was furious and drove his son from the territory. Wandering until he was full grown, Vita encountered his future rival, Sefu, the proud, strong heir to the Western lands, the territory Kufa had always wanted to rule. Vita tried to join the pride, but Sefu recognized him and humiliated him in front of every member of his large pride. Swearing revenge, Vita ran off until he learned that his father had died. Taking over as warlord, he attacked the Western pride, wounding the new king Sefu and kidnapping his young son. This was to be Vita’s best vengeance yet. He renamed the little cub Kisasi (revenge) and raised him to hate his birth father. Vita is biding his time, training his “son” and waiting for his time to attack and take over the Western Pride

relation to TLK: He is Zira’s nephew, Kufa is her half brother   


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