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Created by : littlepaw

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : Lion


Detail Viper

Name: Viper

Age: Same as Kovu

Gender: Female

Breed: Lion

Parents: Unknown- Adoptive parents- Congo (Dad) Amazon (Mum)

Siblings: Unkown- Adoptive siblings- Jess, Silver, (Sisters) Adder, (Brother) 

Crush: None

Mate: Kiburi


Personality: Very Solitary, she doesn't like to talk too much, can be very defencive and hot headed, very stuborn and some times very spite full, she seems to be in a permenont bad mood, and has violent mood swings,

Likes: Snakes, fish, doesn't mind kiara, vitani, kovu, peace and quiet, rain, being alone, being listened too,

Hates: Simba, too many lions, noise, having no one to talk too when she wants to talk, being ignored, her violent mood swings, her eye's, african wild dogs,


Freinds: Kiara because she listens to her, vitani becase she used to play with her when no one else would,

History: Was abandoned as a cub because of her eye's her pride thought it was a curse upon her so they left her in the pride lands to fend for herself, she was lost and alone and very young she was found hiding underneath a rock being attacked by african wild dogs which gave her a scar over her eye, at that moment A snake was coing past when she saw what was happing, so she went to help she hissed and tried to bite the african wild dogs they fled.

 A nd Ama (Amazon) saw the youg cub shivering and frightened so Ama seeing thecubs eyes where just like snakes she took the young cub in as her own since she was unable to have any children of her own, her mate Congo found it might be abit confusing for the young cub being a lion raised by snakes, so they called her Viper, and as soon as she was old enough they told her she was adopted and what she was, Viper did not mind that her parents where snakes and she had gotten used to thinkng she was one, but accepted the fact of what she was indeed a lion.

She spent most ofher cub days playing with vitani and kovu, and when she became a teen she met Zira, she didn't care much for Zira or the outlanders and just played with vitani and kovu, but met kiara once and  be friended her easily, after the war with the pridelanders and outlanders was over Viper was invited to pride rock she came for afew days but didn't like the way simba treated her because of her eye's so left and went to her parents again, she then found that her mothers prayers had been answered when she was pregnant and laid three eggs, one day simba was passing by and almost stepped on the eggs, Congo and Ama attacked him just to protect the eggs simba killed them and Viper was heart broken, and kept the eggs the eggs hatched and there where two girls and one boy snake Viper treated them like her own siblings and they loved her like there own big sister she looks after her snake siblings in the pridelands.

Relation to the lion king source: Knows simba, vitani, kovu, and kiara, was nvited into Simba's pride once and hates Simba for killing her parents.



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