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Detail Vikai

Name: Vikai

Meaning: Disguise

Gender: Male

Appearance: Large, muscular pride lander male with a tan orange coat with a red mane and tail. He has large paws and yellow cream underfur. His eyes are orange rimmed with green. He has a small scar underneath his left eye.

Parents: Ahadi and Uru

Siblings: Mufasa, Scar/Taka

Mate(s): Hemsa (deceased), Tama’s Mother (former), none (currently)

Cubs: Tama and Vashkartzen

Personality: Vikai is extremely sarcastic. Sometimes his honesty is thought of as brutal. He’s not much of a charmer and tends to showcase a bit of a superiority complex. He always takes his time in doing things no matter how urgent said something should be finished. Despite his façade, he has a large fear of others turning against him, which is why he often chooses to be the first to leave, not allowing others the “chance” to abandon him. This has led him to forsake many lions dear to his heart, including his family, former mate, and cubs. He's got a lot of wanderlust and is never one to sit still in one place too long; he intends to see the entire world. Because of his constant roaming he’s actually learned to be a decent hunter (in locations where there is plenty of cover, anyway.) Vikai is not fond of “weak” lions, which includes those who aren’t able to fend for themselves, or soft hearted lions who aren't able to do what needs to be done because of their "feelings". Since he has survived through so much, mostly on his own, he feels that no one else has a true excuse for not being able to take care of themselves. He is very observent and likes to just sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold.

History: Vikai was born as the second son to Ahadi and Uru, with Mufasa being his older brother and Taka his younger. Growing up, his parents did not pay too much attention to him. Since his older brother was to be King, Ahadi spent most of his time nurturing the heir. His mother adored his younger brother and most of her days were spent coddling him. Despite this, Vikai did not mind the lack of attention. He had much more freedom than his brothers due to his parents’ lack of notice. He used this to his advantage, often sneaking out on adventures. Sometimes it took days for him to return. His wild streak influenced his younger brother Taka into taking off on his own adventure, landing himself in trouble with hyenas. Perceiving this as Vikai's bad influence, Ahadi was furious and had both of his sons on constant watch for quite some time to avoid any further trouble. As things returned to normal, Vikai quickly went back to his old adventuring ways, this time coming across a lion and his cub named Sarafina. The lion made Vikai promise to take care of his little daughter and Vikai obliged, taking the now parentless cub back to his parents and integrating her into the pride. Sarafina became quite smitten with Vikai after her time grieving for her father was over, but Vikai had no interest in the little "cublet" as he called her. When he was an adolescent, he decided to see just how far out he could venture. After days of exploring, passing through a desert, jungle, and more savannah, he ran across a young lioness surrounded by hyenas. Being the paws-off kind of lion that he was, he simply watched from afar instead of getting involved. It wasn’t until the lioness spotted him and begged for his help that he finally decided to intervene and save her from a certain death. Seeing that he only saved her at the last minute, the lioness, who introduced herself as Hemsa, was furious with Vikai. Her strength of character shocked him so much that he refused to leave her side till she had regained some of her strength. He took care of her for a large amount of time, and in that time the two ended up becoming very close. As he turned into a young adult, Hemsa had an accident involving some very angry hyenas seeking revenge. Despite trying to save her, and gaining a scar from the incident, she did not survive. Vikai was devastated and returned home to his pride. His father was angry by his disappearance, which had lasted for more than three moons. He sold him into an alliance. Vikai was to be sent off to become king of a dwindling pride of lions in the desert. Vikai tried to refuse the order but was coerced into it by his parents. He went to the pride and alongside the female heir, produced two cubs: a princess, Tama, and her prince brother Vashkartzen. After a few moons of living with the pride Vikai left. He had no love for the heiress and did not care much for his infant cubs. While his mate at the time tried to convince him to stay, he refused her pleading and viciously warned her off, telling her that he wouldn’t stay since he had fulfilled his duty as the king and given her pride a prince and princess to take over. He has since spent his time wandering the world and exploring all its wonder. (to be continued.....)

Relation to TLK: son of Ahadi and Uru; brother to Mufasa and Scar; father of Tama

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Backgrounds used (c) Disney


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