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Detail Vashkartzen

"Remember that guy that gave up? Yeah, neither does anybody else."


Name: Vashkartzen

Titles/Nickname(s): Vash (by Tama) Prince (of his pride)

Meaning: Trickster

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lean and tall orange colored male lion with a black mane and creamy-brown inner mane hair. He has red-brown eyes, a pink toned nose, and ear rims. He also has a darker patch of fur right above his nose. Vash has lighter underfur, including lighter paws.

Parents: Vikai and Millan

Siblings: Tama

Mate(s): Nida (in name only) and Sapphira (his true lover)

Cubs: none (currently)

Personality: Vash is an extremely bad-tempered lion. He exhibits the same wanderlust that his father has, never sticking in one place for too long. He is irritable and hates any form of clinginess. His upbringing as a prince has turned him into being rather spoiled, believing that he ought to be respected, loved, and listened to regardless of what he has done. Because he is always out to get his way, Vashkartzen has turned into a little charmer, always knowing what to say and do to get other lions to do as he commands. He has an impressive way with words and is very capable of convincing anyone of just about anything. His biggest soft spot is for his sister Tama, who he loves inexplicably. Despite his mean streak, Vash cannot stand shows of cowardice. He has a keen sense of justice, returning the injustice with a punishment similar to what was inflicted to cause harm in the first place. When he becomes the new king to a small pride of lionesses, he finally learns to settle down.

History: Vashkartzen’s birth was a blessing for his pride. In the first few months of his life, he grew to adore his father, whom he admired above all else. When Vikai left, Vash became extremely upset and angry, blaming his mother for his father’s disappearance. His only solace was in his sister, Tama, whom he loved with all his heart. The two were extremely close and would constantly be up to no good with their pranks and adventures. When Vash and his sister were just teenagers, word came that their father had been to the pridelands. Wanting to meet him, the two siblings abandoned their homeland and sought out their father. When the arrived at the fabled pride lands, they found it barren and under the tyrannical rule of their uncle, Scar. The new king welcomed them into the pride as his niece and nephew and took Vashkartzen under his wing. Vash soon began to learn many things from his uncle, none of them good. He started becoming more and more viscious, much to Scar’s liking. It wasn’t until his uncle allowed harm to come to Tama that Vash stood against Scar and fled, taking his younger sister with him. When they finally escaped the pride lands, Tama wanted to go back home to their mother and the pride, but Vash refused, saying that he wanted to find their father instead. The two argued about it for some time and then eventually each went their own way, with Tama going back home and Vash wandering the wild. After months of roaming, Vash managed to catch up to his infamous father. Initially ecstatic, Vash soon became extremely disappointed. He found that his father was nothing more than a brazen coward who could not move on from his love with a dead lioness. This realization enraged Vash, who had looked up to the image of his father as an exemplary one. Deciding it not worth his time, Vashkartzen moved on to a new land. On his new adventure, the now grown lion encountered a young scrap of a lion cub named Sinan who had apparently fled his own pride. Vash took pity on the cub and began to treat him as a younger brother, making sure to take care of him. When Vash questioned Sinan of his past, he learned that a trio of malicious male lions had killed Sinan’s father and grandfather and taken over the pride. Displeased with the cowardice of those lions, Vash had Sinan lead him back to the small pride, and there he ended all three of the males. The lionesses were extremely grateful and named him their new king. Sinan’s older half sister Nida made a great show of support and convinced Vash that as a promise to the pride, he would become her mate. This arrangement, however, turned out to be a means of gaining power for the beautiful Nida. The two did not get along well at all and spent most of their time bickering. Above all else, Vash hated Nida’s need for a perfect appearance. Vashkartzen spent time confiding in the lioness Sapphira, whom had been a close friend of Nida prior to the rogue takeover. He soon learned to understand why Nida was the way that she was, but he still disliked the fact that she hid her flaws behind a mask of perfection and refused to change for the better. Instead, he found himself growing closer and closer to Ria, whom he began to greatly admire for her perseverance. They had a great deal in common, including the lack of a parent or two in cubhood. The two soon began to love each other. As much as he wanted to make her his queen however, Nida would not allow it. She explained that he could love Sapphira all he wanted, he could have a family with her and even make their cubs the next rulers if he so wished but that no one would take her queenship away from her, and that if anyone tried, they wouldn’t live long enough to reflect on their mistakes. Sapphira and Vash have since spent their time happily inside the safety of their lands. When ceremonies and meetings are required to be attended, Vash has had to leave with Nida by his side, since it was known that the two were the rulers of the small pride. 

Relation to TLK: Grandson of Ahadi and Uru, nephew of Scar and Mufasa, Simba’s cousin, Tama's brother

Original images (c) disney

Render and character design (c) me


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July 31, 2019
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Sierra: that might be a tiny bit complicated since my original idea was that he becomes the mate of Nida (Hemsa and Shanasa’s sister) but I think we might be able to work something out. You can pm and we can hash out the details!

July 31, 2019
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May I have the honor to make him a crush?

July 18, 2019
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Thanks guys! I definitely had fun creating him ^^

July 16, 2019
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Good work!

July 15, 2019
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I really like his design + interesting bio

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