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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Ukula

Name: Ukula

Generation: Simba's

Family: Unknown

Pride: Pridelanders (formerly), outsiders (formerly), Jafiya's Pride

Personality: Ukula is extremely bossy. She's so bossy that almost no one can stand her. Though she's usually only trying to do the right thing, Ukula will put herself in charge of any situation without speaking to anyone first. Her loud voice and sharp gaze makes even the strongest lions listen to her.


Simba banished Ukula to the Outlands along with the other outsiders when he heard that she had been Scar's advisor. However, he got the story slightly wrong. Scar hadn't hired Ukula as his advisor; she had hired herself. When there had been the drought, and everyone had started to starve, Ukula realized she must do something, so without asking anyone, she had made herself Scar's advisor, and when she bellowed at him in her loud, stern voice, even he didn't have the courage to say no. However, with food being scarce, Ukula spent most of her time helping the lionesses with their hunts, and had little time to tell Scar what to do and what not to do.

Once she was banished, Ukula didn't stay long in the Outlands, for she had started bossing Zira, who was soon fed up and kicked Ukula out of her pride. Ukula traveled for a long time before finally joining a pride lead by Jafiya and his mate Jet.

Relation to TLK: Advisor to Scar.

Jafiya (c) Pawface

Jet (c) Bulbasaur


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September 04, 2019
Site Booster Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site

September 03, 2019
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
She's so pretty! Nice job

September 02, 2019
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Thanks, Pawface! :)

September 01, 2019
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Founder of The Silver Herd
Awesome design, very original bio, welcome to the pride!! :icon47: You can really see the effort you put into your characters, Snow!

September 01, 2019
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Thank you! :icon303:

September 01, 2019
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Faves! Such an interesting story.
Excited to have her in the pride!

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