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Created by : NightRose

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Twilla(NR)

Name: Twilla

Nicknames:Til or Willa

Name pronunciation: Tw ill a

Name meaning: Twilight


Age: Depends on use

Generation: Sarafinas

Parents: Ahadi and Uru

Grandparents: Mohatu and Unknown 

Grandchildren: None yet 

Siblings: Mufasa and her twin Scar


Crush: Tedros 



Personality: Twilla is kind, helpful and brave. 

Likes: Healing others and trying to help them. 

Dislikes: When her brothers fight and stormy nights

Pride: Pridelander (former) Bizawabi (currently) 

Rank: Healer, she is still a princess but doesn't use her title. 

Friends: Zira, Tedros, Saskia and Haali. 

Foes:  Mihrimah, Saskia 

Head image made by me 

Body base by Lionobsession

Relation: Scar's twin sister, younger sister to Mufasa. Friends with Zira(when they meet again Zira is Ni's age), former Pridelander and the Pridelander's former Princess. 


History: Twilla is the elder twin, beating her brother Scar into the world by 7 minutes. Twilla, being a girl, meant that she wouldn't be able to become Queen if something had happened to Mufasa. Their father, Mohatu didn't want a female heir.


Twilla's brothers often argue and she tends to be their peace maker. When they were young, Twilla healed Scar's eye as much as she could, but it left him with a scar. As teenagers, Scar was jealous that Mufasa was going to be king. Twilla would remind him that he could just leave and marry a princess. Stubborn Scar stayed and continued to sulk. 


Twilla left the Pridelands after hearing about Mufasa's death. Her brother Scar, tried to comfort her by telling her that now she could be Queen. That they should rule together. The thought saddened her. Twilla left, as she did this made Scar angry and banned her from ever coming back. 


Amongst her travelling, she ran into her old friend Zira. Zira was with a male who Twilla had never seen before. She assumed that the two were mates, but quickly found out that wasn't the case. The male introduced himself to Twilla as Tedros. He was looking for his mate Mihrimah. Twilla decided to help them.


After a few years, Twilla began to have feelings for Tedros. They were close now. She told Tedros about her feelings in hope that he felt the same way about her. He didn't. Tedros was Still obsessed with Mihrimah. 


Zira decided that they should give up. It's been years, they weren't going to find her. Tedros only just agreed with Twilla convincing him that his subjects needed him. 


When they returned, Zira left and Twilla was assigned the role of the healer. She was really good at it. Twilla would always be chasing after Tedros's love. Just as he dose for Mihrimah. He still looks for her. Going as far as he can each day. 



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I like this girl very much, love her design :icon60: :icon74:

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