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Tendaji (WW)

Tendaji (WW)


Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Tendaji (WW)

Name: Tendaji

Meaning: "Makes Things Happen" in Swahili

Nickname: Ten

Breed/Type: Lion

Gender: Male

Mother: Kiara (deceased)

Adopted Mother: Nala (c) Disney

Father: Kovu (c) Disney

Adopted Father: Simba (c) Disney

Siblings: Kato, Rutendo, Akosua (c) Me

Half-Siblings: Unknown/None

Adopted Siblings: None

Crush(es): Mila (c) Me

Crusher(s): Mila (c) Me

Mate: Mila (c) Me

Ex-Mate: None

Cubs: Expecting

Adopted Cubs: None

Friends: Rutendo, Akosua, Mila, Adanna, Bamidele, Imamu (c) Me, Kopa, Nala, Simba, Kovu, Vitani (c) Disney

Enemies: Kato, Akosua (c) Me, Hyenas, Rogues

Personality: Tendaji greatly resembles Mufasa, as he only wants peace and fairness. Ten looks for solutions that can come with peace, and rarely will he fight. In fact, fighting is where he's weakest, as he prefers not to, and won't tolerate it. He looks out for others, and is protective over his siblings. He tends to be bold, and isn't afraid to speak up if someone is being bullied. He has been known as stubborn, and isn't willing to change his mind easily, except for the sake of a family member. He knows when to get tough, but he won't ever use force to get his point across, which makes him pretty calm most of the time.

Likes: Mila, Cubs, Rutendo, Akosua, The Jungle, Kopa, His Family, Simba, Nala, Vitani, Fairness, Peace, Food

Dislikes: Fighting, Kato, Bullies, Bloodshed, Being Exiled, Simba Gone, Death, Having No Father

History: On a dark night with only the light gleam of the moon and the stars above, Kiara was about to give birth to her second litter, but she had no idea that it would be her last. She gave birth to two cubs, twin boys, and she thought it was over. But then, another cub came. During the procedure, she died from loss of blood, leaving her twins boys and their little sister without a mother. King Kovu was distraught, and began to ignore his new offspring. Vitani tried to cheer him up, but it didn't work. Nala decided to take in her grandchildren and raise them. Before Kiara died, she named him Tendaji, as she saw him as a brighter future for their pride. Since he was the first born male, according to law, Tendaji was the next in line for the throne, chosen by Simba himself, since Kovu seemed reluctant to even come within a few feet of his new cubs.

Since the day he was born, Tendaji was raised to become the new king by Simba. He taught him all he would need to know, showing him the kingdom and how things worked, especially their relationships with other prides and the herds of animals. But, Tendaji liked to stay home, where he could keep an eye on his troublesome brother and keep him away from his sister. As a young cub, he met Imamu, a young cub adopted by Adanna, a lioness of the pride who took him in. He was great friends, and even planned on making him his future major domo, though Simba explained that it must be an animal that was fast enough and had enough stamina to run from pride to pride with urgent news. One day, he was distracted when Kato decided to torture Rutendo when he found her alone. He tried to stop it peacefully, but it was no use. When Kato lunged at him, looking for a fight, Tendaji, acting on instinct, hit him on the face, giving him a scar over his eye. After having a serious talk with him, Simba brought them back.

However, a few days later, Simba, Nala, and a few others from priderock disappeared without a trace. They all chose Kopa as their new king, since he was technically in line for the throne. It was revealed that when Vitani gave birth, those cubs would be the future rulers instead of Tendaji, since Kopa was now king instead of Kovu, who had moved away from Priderock for now. But, only a weeek after they were born, Kato came racing to priderock, saying they had been attacked by leopards, who had killed the cubs. Everyone bought it, and mourned the loss of the cubs. Vitani refused to have any more cubs, and so, Tendaji was now back to being the future king. Kopa started teaching him, and the two males bonded in their teachings. When Tendaji was older, Kopa and Kato went on a walk, which resulted in Kato coming back injured and saying Kopa and him had been attacked by rogues. Tendaji immediatly raced there, only to find Kopa dead. The next day, while mourning, Kato and Akosua drove him out of priderock, making sure he wouldn't return.

He lived as a rogue, and took refuge in the jungle SImba had, remembering stories he'd heard of it. It was there that he met Mila, a lioness from Malk's Pride, who had wanted to start a new life. They became close and soon, they were mates. When he found out he might be a father, he was happier than he had ever been. Until a group of lions came to the jungle. Then, it was found out that it was Rutendo and the others, trying to stop Kato. After convincing arguments from both Mila and Rutendo, he agreed to go back and settle things with Kato. After a tense fight, Kato was thrown into the fire that had started when lightning struck a dead tree. With the death came new life, and since Simba was much older, Tendaji became the king, and sent for Mila to come and live with him. Now, the circle of life shall continue in his cubs.

Renders (c) tytos

Theme Song: Deciding

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He is really nice and I love him, WW! Can I make a cub of him and Mila (When she's up)? If not, I understand

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