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Tayari (BL)

Tayari (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Tayari (BL)

Name: Tayari

Meaning: Ready

FriendsAmalaRohoLainiHatari, Janna, Sasa, Kuua, Nane, Kuoka, rest of Night Pride.

Parents: Nane and Kuoka (adopted)

Siblings: Kuua(brother aka Strange Lion), Janna (adopted sister), Sasa (adopted sister)

CubsSauti(Daughter), Almasi (Daughter), Nirmala(god-daughter)

Mate: Kuangalia

Pride: Night Pride to Rogue to Jungle pride

Rank: Queen of Jungle Pride

Personality: Tayari is an optomistic, charismatic, funny lioness. She carries her weight around and if she needs to make a statement she would.  

Likes: Enjoys being around Kuan, she enjoys being around other lions. Tayari loves looking at he stars and counting as many as she can. She loves spending time with her two daughters and loves teaching Almasi how to be Queen. 

Dislikes: Being told what to do, being told to be quiet, being quiet, awkward situations.

History: Tayari and her brother Kuua were abandoned at the Night Pride's den when Kuua was a teenager and Tayari was a cub. The reigning King and Queen at the time were Kuoka and Nane who gladly took them in. Tayari gained two sisters Janna and Sasa. She loves her sisters, Janna was to be Queen someday. Sasa had given birth to her daaughter Nirmala, Sasa named Tayari as her Godmother. While on patrol with her brother, a cobra bites him on his face leaving a scar. Tayari and Kuua did not think much of it, but after a while he changed. He became power hungry and hateful. A Young Queen Janna offered some medicine the Tree provided but he declined the offer. Several weeks went by and Kuua tried to kill Janna and become King. His attempt failed and got banished by Janna. He later went to the Pridelands and was never seen by Tayari again. Tayari missed her brother terribly, but Sasa tried to consol her and told Tayari he would never be the same lion she knew and loved. Weeks after Janna gave birth to her son, Sahasi, Tayari ran away in search of her brother, but midway through her journey she started to consider what Sasa had to her. Tayari started to blame herself for what happened to her brother but she soon met a outcasted lion named Kuangalia, Kuan and Tayari traveled together for many years as rogues but eventually settled down at his old den in the Jungle Pride. The two re-create the pride starting with the births of their two daughters: Almasi and Sauti. Almasi is heir to the throne after Kuan.

How associated with Lion King? Janna and Sahasi

Bases: Lion king SixNewAdventures Kinyume (c)


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