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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail   Tawla

Name: Tawla

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic


  • Mother: Kiara
  • Father: Kovu

Siblings: Lance (half brother)

Love Interest: None (might become open in the future)

Relation to TLK: Daughter of Kiara and Kovu, leader of the lion guard and eventually, the pridelands.

Personality: Tawla is cold, calculated, but smart and level headed. She keeps a cool demeaner even in the face of danger, and even before she ruled the pridelands she carried an air that made others feel compelled to bow. She was intimdating, and she sure knew it and used it to her advantage.


Kiara and Kovu's marriage could be described as... rocky, at best. The spark that ignited their marriage when they were young was gone, and they were beginning to drift apart. For all the pridelands sake, they hoped a cub would pull their relationship back together...Kiara fell pregnant.

However, at the time, neither partner had been faithful - Kiara had been meeting with a passing rogue at the time she fell pregnant, while Kovu had been having a short lived affair with Mulligan. Neither partner was faithful to each other, but they didn't know the other was doing it. Kovu believed the cub was his, but Kiara knew it wasn't. Regardless, she said nothing.

The cub was born as little Lance, and their plans of saving their crumbling relationship had, suprisingly, worked: They bonded over the birth of their first son, spoiling him rotten and living as a family unit...In fact, they even decided to have another cub.

Tawla, their second cub, was born. Lance was not pleased by this - HE was supposed to get the attention, not her. Fortunately for him, as the first born he was the one who would receie training to be king - not that he wanted to be king, but he liked the attention.

Tawla was given the role of leader of the lion guard (trained by her uncle Kion, naturally). Though young, and longing for a place as queen, she understood her brother well.  She knew it was only a matter of time before she'd gain the position for herself. For now, she resolved to prove herself as the leader of the lion guard - and that is exactly what she did.

Even into adulthood, it became very evident that Lance was lazy, irresponsible, and quite frankly did not care for ruling. Tawla, however, proved herself much the opposite. She took her responsibility as leader of the lion guard seriously, and worked hard to keep the pridelands safe. This didn't go unnoticed by Kiara, who'd been watching the personalities of her children unfold in front of her.

After Kovu's death, a very old Kiara finally came forward with the truth to Tawla: although she was their legitimate daughter, Lance was illegitimate and in many ways, unfit to rule regardless. Tawla insisted her mother came out with the truth to the pride, and although she felt ashamed of it, she knew she hadn't long left to live at her old age. Shortly after revealing the truth to her pride, she passed away.

With this new information, Tawla was made queen. Lance had no desire to be king anyway, and lived his days in the shadows of his sister, not hunting, not working, not doing anything - just eating the food brought back by the lioness and lazing about in the pridelands. While the pride seemed thankful he wasn't to be king, they would rather he be banished all together: Tawla, however, kept him around, to use as an example: whether the pride likes it or not, she has over ruling decision over who stays and who leaves.

Tawla was, unsurprisingly, a borderline dictator. Her hold on the pridelands was tightfisted and strict, but unlike Scar, she knew exactly what she was doing, and the pridelands thrived because of it. There were no uprisings, no revolts or saviours, but it was remembered by future kings and queens to come that the children of queen Kiara were the strangest and cruellest, but most effective.



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