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Created by : SparrowFeather

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Tamura(SF)

Name: Tamura(Meaning’Thunder’)

Breed: Lion

Gender: Female

Parents: Jafiya(c)Pawface and Jet(c)Bulbasaur

Cubs: Casey(c)Bulbasaur, Chanda(c)Me, and Johari(c)Me

Adopted Parents: Comoros and Romy

Adopted Siblings: Kati Yaki and Takota

Siblings: Jot(c)Windhowler, Sula(c)Pawface and Kyra(c)Bulbasaur

Crush/Mate: Jua(c)Bulbasaur

Personality: Kind, trustworthy, has a mixture of both personalities from her parents. Her voice is very soft spoken and she has a sweet smile  which makes everyone adore her.  

Likes: The Isu Keeney Pride 

Dislikes: Lagiza's Tribe

Friends: Jua(c)Bulbasaur, the auni, Roho(c)Bulbasaur(Tamura trusts Roho with her life to help her with the cubs), the Isu Kenney Pride







Realation To TLK: Romy, Tanglemane’s granddaughter raised her

History: Tamura was born in King Jafiya and Queen Jet’s second litter right after the war ended with Obbler’s pride after the first phase of war when everyone thought it ended during a rainy night Tamura had came into the world. and Sula had thought of the name Tamura which means thunder and the name stuck because it was thundering and raining when Tamura was born. She was lucky to be born in the time of peace but the pride still had some conflicts with Obbler’s pride.

When Tamura was a cub she was very playful she met a cub around her age named Jua and would hang out with him but when he was busy spending time with his parents Tamura  would always go out exploring her parents territory and would sometimes stray far and had to be taken back to the pride by her older brother Jot but she would end up going exploring again this worried her parents but knew that she would be fine as long as her siblings were watching her.

One day while she went exploring she went a little far and she came into a unkown territory that was across from Obbler’s pride and she came face to face with a pack of jackals she tried to fight them off this made her get injured from one of the jackals and she took off running towards Obbler’s territory where she collasped on the edge of his territory.

Romy had been hunting that day and came across an injured Tamura and took her back to her father’s pride. Soon Tamura woke up and found herself in a cave that belonged to Romy. Tamura got scared but as soon as she saw the lioness she calmed down and she soon found out that this lioness saved her and that her name was Romy. Another cub her age was Romy and Comoros’s daughter Kati Yaki and the two became really close Kati Yaki was the sister Tamura never had the two promised that they would remain adopted sisters if Tamura ever found her parents again Kati Yaki's brother Takota also got along with Tamura since she never had a brother her age age only an older brother by the name of Jot  and two older sisters. She would hang out with Takota if Kati Yaki couldn't and sometimes they would get into trouble. 

Tamura soon got to know Romy’s sister Emillia who loved being Tamura’s adopted aunt and helped Romy out whenever she could. Romy’s other sibling was a newborn cub named Zumaridi so he was never aloud to stray far from his mother but Tamura did visit him and played with him every one and a while.

Tamura told Romy her name and that she was the daughter of Jafiya and Jet this shocked Romy but told Tamura that she would take care of her from now on Tamura didn’t mind at all just as long as she was safe.

She soon got to know Romy’s father Obbler and was trying her best to please him. Safi and Romy were shocked that this cub was the daughter of King Jafiya and Queen Jet they couldn’t believe that the defeated enemies could have survived the desert. They decided to keep Tamura’s claim quiet for now since Tamura was dillusional from her wounds and they didn’t need to let on until they were certain of the cub’s bloodlines. However, rumors soon eked out about Tamura’s parents being alive but when Obbler heard it he dismissed it all as gossip in his pride. He allowed Romy to adopt the cub, convinced that Jafiya and Jet were dead and the cub was not theirs. 

Romy was a very good mother to little Tamura and Romy’s mate Comoros had taken a liking to the cub and would sometimes play with her. Tamura had thought of Comoros as a father figure and loved to spend time with him if he wasn’t busy. Romy had took care of her and her wounds which were slowly healing and Tamura was now afraid of jackals and didn’t want to come near one ever again so Romy taught her everything she needed to know on how to survive and defend herself from danger.

Soon Tamura grew into a teen and was living in Obbler’s pride as Romy’s adopted daughter. A male lion by the name of Jot had tresspassed on Obbler’s territory and was held as prisoner Tamura visited this prisoner and they got to know each other and found out that she was his sibling and that she had other siblings. Jot told her that they must escape  and that they need to do it fast Tamura was a little scared from escaping but Jot reassured her that he would protect her  so they escaped at night but got caught by Obbler and his pride and Jot stepped up to protect her and she and Jot fought off Obbler and his pride with the help of some lions that turned against Obbler and Romy had been on his side which upsetted Tamura.

After the fight Tamura and Jot had escaped and had traveled for a long time to their pride’s territory. King Jafiya soon found Tamura with Jot and took them back to the pride she was glad they escaped Obbler’s pride and back in her birth pride.

Tamura then grew into a beautiful adult having recovered from the fight with Obbler’s pride she was thankful that she had older siblings to look out for her and hopes she never comes across Obbler’s pride again. Soon the warring prides were at peace and everyone was happy again Tamura was reunited with Jua her childhood friend. He asked her if she would become his mate. She was shocked but happily accepted him as her mate.


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She’s beautiful and what a interesting bio

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Thanks you guys!:) I can’t wait to use her with her siblings!:)

August 30, 2019
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*Faves*! The way you've put the bio together, and the choice and reason behind name, are great!

August 30, 2019
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
She’s beautiful! Great job, Sparrow!

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Interesting character nice design

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Instant fave! She is stunning and you've done an excellent job writing her bio :icon335: Can't wait to start making projects/art/etc of her!
Lovely name too!

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