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Tamu (S15)

Tamu (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Tamu (S15)

Name: Tamu.

Origin/Meaning: Swahili; It means Sweet.

Gender: Male.

Age: Young-Adult.

Parent(s): Najuma.

Sibling(s): Ask in a pm if you want to create one!

Close Friend(s): Kovu, Kiara, Kheri, Zahara, Vitani, Kani (Dotty), and Nakato (Spotty).

Crushes: Pendo.

Mate(s): Pendo (Possibly).

Cub(s): None.

Pride(s): Born and raised in the Out-Lands (Zira's Pride), currently lives at Pride-Rock after Kiara and Kovu united the two prides.

Status: Former Out-sider, current Pride-Lander.

Personality: Goofy, silly, loves to joke around and have fun, very humorous, romantic, acts playful, very protective over those who he loves and cares about, polite, warming, adaptable around new places/lions, and sociable.

Bio: Tamu is the son of Najuma. He was born and raised in the Out-Lands, Zira's Pride. He grew up in Kovu and Kiara's generation, being best friends with the Out-Land Prince and their friend 'Kheri' forming a nice brotherhood. On the days Kovu had time off from his King duties and hard trainings with his mother, he would spend his free time going on mischievious adventures with Tamu and Kheri; which often gotten them in trouble liking sneaking into the Pride-Lands a few times for example. Tamu and Kheri met Princess Kiara too when they were all cubs and was introduced by Kovu (even though he was threatened by Zira to never see her again). Tamu and Kheri knew it was bad for them to be in the Pride-Lands but, it was actually cool for them to have met a royal in person.

In adulthood, Tamu still had his close friendship with Kovu but strongly disliked that Kovu and Kheri had a fallen out over a lioness named 'Zahara', one of their childhood friends. Tamu knew how much Kheri loved Zahara, but also knew that Kovu had no idea either. But Kovu didnt have a choice but to marry her because, it was set when the two were born for them to become the next rulers of the Out-Lands. It was something that Kheri still could not get over or understand. Tamu wish for Kovu and Kheri to make up hopefully someday. 

After Kovu and Kiara united both of their prides together, Tamu joins the couple and starts a new life in the Pride-Lands leaving his mother and a few other outsider friends behind. While living in the Pride-Lands, he meets a gorgeous lioness named "Pendo" and two quickly fallen for each other. It was love at instant sight; but Tamu wanted to keep things slow and try not to make anything awakard between the two. But he is defiantly interested in getting to know her more as they continued hanging out going on dates.


Bases: Indeh-Bases (C), (Deviant Art).

Kheri, Zahara, Najuma, Kani, Nakato: Me(C).

Pendo: Sierra (C).

Tlk Relation(s): Born and raised in the Out-Lands, a former member of Zira's Pride, Kovu's best friend from childhood, friends also with Kiara and Vitani, a new member of Simba's Pride.





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