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Takuma (S15)

Takuma (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Takuma (S15)

Name: Takuma.

Name Meaning/Origin: Japanese; It means 'Expand, Real, and True'.

Gender: Male.

Age: Cub (5-6 months old).

Parent(s): Taka (Scar) and Zamora (some 'fling' Scar had hooked up with outside of Pride Rock before Zira), The King of the Gambhiri Pride (May or may not create him, but he is stepfather).

Sibling(s): Nuka (younger-half brother), Kovu (younger-half brother), Vitani (younger-half sister), he also has 2 more by his mother (who I may not create).

Mate(s): Amalia (Possibly, later on).

Crushe(s): Amalia.

Cub(s): ----

Pride(s): Gambhiri Pride (the name meaning of the pride means, 'noble' ).

Friend(s): Koshi (Amalia's brother).

Rank(s): Prince (will become King in adulthood).

Bio/Personality: Takuma is Scar's first born. He was born 'secretly' outside of the Pride Lands to a young lioness (by young, she was maybe 2-3 years younger than Scar) named, "Zamora" who is not a member of Pride Rock. His mother's romance with Scar was nothing official at all. She was just someone he had used for her to bare him a heir before he made the evil plan to kill Mufasa. Takuma's birth would have been the very beginning of the plan. But things did not go so well since Zamora was hurt that Scar used her. She thought they would be an 'item' forever and to have their own little family and pride. But Scar did not want any of that. He just wanted a strong son to raise as King and just for Zamora to nurse Takuma thats it.

So since that failed, Zamora took Takuma away and escaped further deep into the Savannah. She was able to find love again and her dreams had come true with having her own pride and family. She is now Queen of the Gambhiri Pride and Takuma is chosen as King, since his is the oldest out of his siblings (by the King). Growing up, Takuma lived a nice life since he is royalty. There was no need to complain. He always looked up to the King as his 'real' father since he does not remember much of Scar, he was much younger when they've last seen each other. But his mother would share stories about him sometimes, since of course the cub is very curious about certain things. But it still did not bother him not having Scar around. He loved the King.

One day while out playing, Takuma has found something incredibly strange. He met another cub (a lioness) around his age. Her name is "Amalia" and she was a former member of the Pride Lands where his father Scar lives. Takuma found it very interesting that she was from a land where his father stays and had so many questions to ask her as if she knew him. But the little cub could not remember his father at all. That was okay though. He still wanted to be friends and asked her if she'd like to play. After playing all day, Amalia was found by her brother Koshi. The meeting was a bit unpleasant since Koshi had no idea who Takuma was and what land they are on. He did not want any lions from Takuma's pride to find them out, so he told Amalia they had to leave right away. Amalia was saddened and had hope to play with Takuma again which she did days later, after sneaking away from her brother and Nuru.

Takuma was stunned that Amalia had remembered where he lived. Of course Koshi was a bit mad that Amalia had disobeyed him. But after a while, his protective-ness had left after seeing how much Amalia favored Takuma. She adored playing and going on adventures with him, it was the same feeling with Takuma. Even his parents, the King and Queen did not mind their play dates. Amalia and her family are always welcome to visit the Gambihiri Pride.


Base(s): Me(C).

Gambihiri Pride, Zamora: Me(C).

Koshi, Amalia: Swassh(C).

Nuru: WildWind(C).

TLK Relation(s): Scar's son, was temporarily living in the Pride Lands.


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