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Takkar (LuEOc)

Takkar (LuEOc)


Created by : LupusEtoile

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Lion

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail Takkar (LuEOc)


Personal Information -

Name – Takkar.
Nickname(s) – None
Sex - Male
Age – Cub.

Blood Relationships -

Parents- Unknown lion and lioness, Open.
Siblings – Ayisha.

Uncle(s) –None.
Auntie(s) – None.
Cousin(s) – None.
Grandparents- Leo and Unknown lioness.

Great grandparents – Tanglemane and unknown lioness.

Non-Blood relationships -

Best Friend(s) – Ayisha, Izila.
Friend(s) – Jasiri, Jasmine, Leo, Kerchak, Malka, 
Acquaintance(s) – Dakarai, Gursharon, Kaleb, Shasta, open.

Romantic Interest(s) – Izila.
Enemy(ies)/Rival(s)- None.
Mate - None.

Orientations -

Sexual Orientation –
Romantic Orientation - Heteroromantic

Likes Dislikes & Personality -

Likes – Long walks, pretending to patrol the lands, chasing mice and meerkats, spending time with Malka, shadows/
Dislikes – Hyenas, Large birds, newcomers, slackers, overly care-free animals, when pride members speak poorly about the higher ranks, when he loses playfights.
Personality – Takkar is overall quite mature for his age and acts a lot older than he is. However, his still has some cub-like traits to him such as his playfulness, curiosity and large imagination. He tends to be very serious and can’t understand animals who seem to not have a care in the world when there is possible danger around every corner. He likes to think of himself as brave, agile and prepared for anything. He is two of those things, however his is certainly NOT prepared for anything. He tends to be very feisty and rough, especially in playfights and often accidently injure his friends when he gets too rough.

Living arrangements -

Pride – Malka’s Pride

Rank – Cub, Guard in training.

Home – (Malka’s) Mountainlands

Storyline & Background info -

Takkar was born and made in the Mountainlands (Malka’s pride ) to his mother and father, he was a feisty little cub full of energy and it was hard to keep him from not squirming around all the time, he actually scratched his father’s nose when he first saw hi, It got him to stop squirming though as he went from squirming around to crying and trying to hug his dads nose with his tiny little paws. 

As he aged he seemed to get more and more playful and feisty, but his new traits also began to show however his biggest trait didn’t show until he met Malka, He started to become more serious and acted a lot more mature then the cubs around his age group.

One day, when he was exploring the Mountainlands he bumped in to a lion named Chisulo, Chisulo was one of the prides guards and he as currently on patrolling duty.  Chisulo decided to invite the little cub to join his patrol if he behaved and ever since that long, tiring and chatty walk Takkar knew what he wanted, he wanted to grow up to become a guard. On that night, an excited but very sleepy little Takkar told his parents about his amazing day and new plan to become a guard.

Takkar spent a lot of his time running around the Mountainlands border as if he were patrolling the area, the rest would spend with family and or friends or with Malka. He and Malka got along well and Takkar looked up to him. One day whilst the two were chatting, Malka decided to offer Takkar the chance to join the training course for future guards, if his parents approved. Takkar felt honoured about being given the chance but felt his parents would disagree so when his parents gave him permission to join he couldn’t be any happier.

Takkar now spends his mornings training with the FGTG (The Future Guards Training Group) and sometimes spends his evenings training out of class. But he tries to spend time with his family and friends, but he is quite devoted to his training.

Base and design info - 

Headshot base (C) Kisini

Bodyshot base (C) Kisini

Design (C) @Happystool



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